Old politicos don’t retire, they just run for a different office: Candidates update


By Craig McDermott, crossposted from Random Musings

Normally, most of this would going into a pure “Committees Update” post, but many of these people have made public announcements but don’t have updated committee paperwork on the relevant election authority website as yet…

…In Maricopa county, former Buckeye police chief Dan Saban announced his candidacy for sheriff, challenging incumbent Joe Arpaio.  Saban has challenged Arpaio before, running as a Republican in 2004, a Democrat in 2008, and as a Republican (again!) this time around.

He actually has updated paperwork on the Maricopa County Recorder’s website.

Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts has some observations on Saban’s renewed candidacy here.  Summary: she’s not holding her breath waiting for a Saban primary victory.

Neither am I.


…In Congressional news, former state legislator Matt Heinz has joined current state legislator Victoria Steele in the race for the Democratic nomination in CD2.  Both are looking to challenge incumbent Republican Martha McSally.

With two candidates now in the CD2 Democratic primary, it’s now official: there are two more candidates in a race for an occupied seat than there are in CD1, an open seat.  Incumbent Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick has already announced that she is running for US Senate in 2016.  As of this writing, while there have been rumors that Navajo County Sheriff KC Clark will run for the nomination, no Democrat has jumped into the CD1 race.

Steele, Heinz, and Kirkpatrick have already filed paperwork for their respective races, but no Democrat has filed in CD1.


…In statewide news, former state legislator “Atomic” Al Melvin is running for one of the Republican nominations for the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC).

He is famous for his scheme to turn Arizona into the country’s nuclear waste dump and using the revenue to pay for Arizona’s public education system.

If he wins a seat on the ACC, look for “glowing media reports about Arizona” to become “media reports about Arizona glowing”…


…In ballot question news, a new group, “We The People For The Unborn”, has formed a committee for an as-yet undefined ballot question, but considering the hubbub generated by the recent attacks on Planned Parenthood by anti-choicers, don’t be surprised if any question proposed by the new committee will be in that vein.

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