‘Omnibus’ voter suppression bill HB 2305 defeated in Senate


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

This "omnibus" voter suppression bill has had several iterations over the past few weeks as members tried to settle their differences and piece together a bill they could support, but in the waning hours of this legislative session they decided to go with HB 2305 (initiatives; filings; circulators) and fold SB 1003 and SB 1261 into the bill. The bill passed in the House on a 33-26 vote this afternoon, but this evening went down to a narrow defeat in the Senate on a 16-13 vote. Apparently a motion to reconsider is still pending, so it ain't over till its over!

The Arizona Capitol Times (subscription required) reports Elections bill rejected by Senate in waning hours of session:

The state Senate rejected Thursday
evening a bill containing two controversial elections measures that have
drawn crowds of protesters to the Capitol over the past few months was
approved by the House on a final reading in the 11th hour before the Legislature was ready to adjourn sine die.

The vote was 13-16. However, because of a motion to reconsider the bill, there is still a chance the outcome could change.

* * *

SB1003 would make it a felony for volunteers
with any group to pick up early ballots from voters and deliver them to
elections officials.

SB1261 would allow county recorders to drop
from the Permanent Early Voting List those who did not use their early
ballot for two federal election cycles in a row if the voter did not
respond to a letter asking if they wished to remain on the list.

The base bill HB 2305 placed new restrictions on citizens initiatives and circulators, and imposed a strict compliance standard for review of initiatives and petitions.

Sine die cannot come soon enough.