One Really Bad, Really Wrong Prediction


So, shortly before the New Hampshire primary, I said Jeb! actually had a chance at a comeback. Then, after his decent showing in NH, I predicted he would come back and win.

Believe it or not, I actually was substance free when I made that prediction.

I wish that weren’t true. It would be the only excuse I could come up with.

In hindsight, Bush get a little, temporary, bump from Christie’s takedown of Rubio in NH, and nothing more. After all, those voters Christie peeled off from Rubio weren’t going to vote for Christie.

It was a bold prediction. But a pretty stupid  one as well.

I’ve been chiding my Facebook friend Paula Pennypacker that I have a refrigerator full of crow ready for her when Trump implodes. I’ll go ahead and eat a small serving of that tonight. That will still leave plenty for her.


  1. The rise of Trump is completely understandable.

    The three things that seem to be center pieces of the right, Patriotism, Christianity, and Capitalism, are a triangle of opposites.

    Patriotism and Capitalism are against the teaching of Jesus Christ, especially in the Book of Matthew.

    Capitalism is not beholden to America, moving jobs overseas for example, shareholder supremacy prevents corporations from making decisions in the nations interest. Capitalism is not Patriotic.

    Charging interest to the poor is against scripture as well.

    Then you have many on the far right who believe that God gave us the US Constitution, even though at least two of the 10 Commandments are unconstitutional.

    Is God that dumb?

    Trying to reconcile these things is impossible, leading to a break from reality.

    Trump is a symptom of widespread mental illness.

  2. You were substance free. So is Trump.
    Jeb! wasn’t sbustance free – either in his campaign rhetoric OR back in the day.
    Ben! LOOKS like he isn’t substance free, but he is.
    (It may read like I’m not substance free, but… am I?)

    • Well, we’re now reached the point where two people, Cruz and Rubio, have the collective power to stop him. Rubio and Cruz hate each other, but at some point they will act in their own best interest. It may not be in the form of a Cruz-Rubio ticket, but it seems that something will give.

      Unless of course Cruz goes the other way and cuts a deal with Trump.

      Cruz holds a ton of power at this juncture.

  3. Surprised that Jeb Bush has suspended his campaign. Even Linda Valdez of Arizona Republic said on the Buckmaster radio show on Friday that she thought Jeb would stay in the Presidential race.

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