Our “Little Blue Impacted Area”

By Michael Bryan

Bruce Ash on Arizona Illustrated said something rather odd and distinctly offensive about Tucson:

"Little blue impacted area…" Really?

Just what the hell do you mean, Bruce? The context that immediately comes to mind by his words and gestures is impacted bowels. I think Bruce may be calling Tucson shit.

Bruce, you owe Tucson an explanation of just what you meant, or a sincere apology for using such loaded and derogatory terms to describe Tucson.

With guys like Bruce in charge, I can sympathize with Paul's suggestion that perhaps Tucson would be better off without the Bully to North setting the agenda for Baja Arizona any more. After all, the Pima County Bar already endorsed the idea of secession.

Beyond the slur on Tucson, Bruce's clear threat to effectively disenfranchise the people of Tucson if our representatives stand up for our values and don't roll over for the radical right's agenda is just tyrannical. Par for the course for the Arizona GOP, of course.

3 responses to “Our “Little Blue Impacted Area”

  1. So glad you’re a fan, Bruce. But you didn’t answer the question. What did you mean with your odd choice of words in referring to Tucson? Do you think you owe Tucson’s citizens an apology for your slur and threat of disenfranchisement?

  2. Michael

    After my nice words about you last weekend in the ADS I am disappointed to see that you have tried to twist the truth to suit your political agenda.

    I still enjoy the blog

    Yours in democracy

    Bruce Ash

  3. I hope his ass turns around and gets impacted with his head. Ashhole