Like Jason in the Friday the 13th Movies, David Stringer has reemerged from the politically dead to announce he is running for office.

Mr. Stringer, who was forced to resign from the Arizona State Legislature in 2019 for not revealing he was charged with sexual misconduct in Maryland and for making numerous racially charged remarks as a legislator, has decided to run for (wait for it) Yavapai County Attorney.

The disgraced former lawmaker is apparently running on a platform to cut prison costs by reducing the number of nonviolent incarcerated individuals.

The position is currently held by Republican Sheila Polk.

Former Republican legislative colleagues of Stringer, according to journalists from AZ Central, were not enthusiastic about his resurfacing after his resignation.

In what reality (even the Fox Island one) would a person charged with sexual misconduct and with a history of racial animosity think they could prevail in a race for County Attorney?

In some ways, Stringer’s announcement, like Joe Arpaio’s desire to run again for Maricopa County Sheriff, could be a blessing for Democrats who could use both men, along with legislators like Sylvia Allen and Kelly Townsend, as posterboards for all that is wrong with the former Party of Lincoln.

Hopefully, the people in Yavapai County will show good sense and consign Mr. Stringer’s career to the political graveyard where it belongs.