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Exposed: GOP Extremists Behind Harassment of Save Our Schools Petitions

Hecklers have been harrassing volunteers collecting signatures for the Stop Voucher Expansion petitions at libraries & business locations. They carry signs that say "Decline to Sign." "I never in all the years that we have been working on initiative campaigns have we ever seen a coordinated effort like this. We usually see it in lawsuits after being successful," said Tamar Rala Kreiswirth of  The AZ Ground Game (TAGG). So, who is behind the opposition to the Stop Universal Vouchers initiative?

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Breaking Down The Facts And Fiction Of The FBI Search Warrant For Mar-A-Lago

Since Monday when the FBI executed a court authorized search warrant, grounded upon probable cause that evidence of a crime would be found at the "Orange Mafia" Don's home in exile at Mar-a-Lago, there has been a fire hose of news reports trying to fill in all the facts. There also has been a fire hose of disinformation and lies spewing from the "Orange Mafia" Don, which has been parroted and amplified by elected Republicans and the right-wing media complex,

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Working for All Americans, Democrats Will Have a Great Story to Tell Voters in the 2022 Elections

Democrats will have a great story to tell voters as they go to the ballot box in 2022. Since President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris took office, they and the Democrats in Congress have largely been the ones, starting with the American Rescue Plan, that supported en masse: COVID vaccinations. Sending checks to the American People. A Child Tax Credit. Aid to schools. Aid to local governments. A bipartisan infrastructure deal that Donald Trump could not get

‘Krazy Kari’ Lake’s Homelessness Plan: ‘Get Treatment, Go To Jail, Or Get Going’

"Krazy Kari" Lake, the Big Lie election denier MAGA candidate for governor of Arizona who has embraced far-right fringe figures and QAnon activists, once again tried to lecture the media in her snotty demeaning way, but it didn't go down well. Crooks and Liars reports, Reporter Confronts Kari Lake, Wasn't Taking Any Of Her Sh*t: Lake was called out for trying to make the homelessness problem in her state all about her. She appears to have narcissistic traits, just

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Katie Hobbs Describes How She Will Win in November and Discusses Her Plans for Arizona when She Becomes the State’s Next Governor

Remember the old cliché that actions speak louder than words? Well, consider the actions the 2022 Arizona Democratic and Republican Gubernatorial Nominees took after winning in the primaries on August 2, 2022. Photo from the Katie Hobbs for Governor Campaign Arizona Secretary of State and known problem solver Katie Hobbs embarked on a Solutions Can't-Wait Tour to the Salt River Indian Community, Tucson, and Yuma to speak with voters and discuss their concerns on the issues of

Political Calendar: Week of August 14, 2022

Send notices of your events to Editor's Note: Due to the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and CDC recommendations for social distancing, many events are still being held virtually online. We are doing our best to update the calendar, but you should check with event organizers prior to attending any event to confirm the status.  Political Calendar for the Week of August 14, 2022: Sunday, August 14, 5:00 pm.: Yavapai County Democratic Party "Second Sunday" meeting in Rimrock with Adrian Fontes,

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Fighting for the Soul of Our Nation

Diane Ravitch published a great update on her blog yesterday, about Save Our School Arizona's latest fight against universal vouchers and their urgent need for additional resources. Please read the post and then help support the effort by donating at, If you live in Arizona and haven't yet signed a petition, please go here to find out where you can do so tomorrow: If you need any additional motivation, allow me to pass on the latest efforts

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Trillionaires and a Burning Planet: A Package Deal

[Note to BfAZ readers: I'm limited in how much of this I can post, but the paywall at Newsweek isn't too bad, so you should be able to access it] It's an awful feeling, watching Senator Joe Manchin saddle congressional Democrats' efforts to confront climate change with fossil fuel giveaways, then watching Kyrsten Sinema hold Manchin's watered-down legislation hostage until a provision narrowing a gaping tax code loophole benefitting private equity billionaires was stripped. We all know that time is running out: We're

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Trump Republican Kari Lake Again Proves She is Dangerous by Stating She Wants to Break Up the F.B.I. and From the Country

Kari Lake is giving the alternative reality universe of Newsmax and Louder with Crowder and she is making news by further demonstrating how dangerous it would be if she was to accede to the Arizona Governorship this January. In these interviews, the Trump Republican Gubernatorial Candidate advocates the disbanding of the F.B.I. following its court-approved seizure of documents from Trump's residence at Mara Largo, saying on Louder with Crowder "absolutely"  and "one hundred percent, I agree,"  to his suggestions

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