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Governor Hobbs and Attorney General Mayes Work to Aid Tribal Communities Combat Medicaid Fraud and Expand Broadband

This last week of May 15, 2023, Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs and Attorney General Kris Mayes teamed up at a press conference with Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community President Martin Harvier, AHCCCS Director Carmen Heredia, representatives from 13 tribal nations, and law enforcement to announce actions against over 100 vendors that have engaged in fraudulent acts on perhaps thousands of vulnerable patients including many members of Tribal Communities and the urban homeless population to the tune of perhaps hundreds

For Those Who Forget, Remember this is the Real Donald Trump Courtesy of the Lincoln Project

The CNN town hall with the 45th occupant of the Oval Office was admittingly an event that could have been better managed and organized. For one, it could have had an audience of both MAGA supporters and opponents. Second, while the host, Kaitlan Collins, did do a good job in trying to counter the twice impeached, twice KKK endorsed, twice popular vote loser, and twice indicted former Mad King's numerous (surprise, surprise) falsehoods, the event may have been better

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Laurence Tribe Schools The Apologists For The Extremist GQP Economic Terrorists On The Federal Debt Limit (Updated)

The New York Times published an opinion from former jurist Michael McConnell, a professor and Director of the Stanford Constitutional Law Center at Stanford Law School, and also a senior fellow at the ultra-conservative Stanford University's Hoover Institution. The Case for Violating the Debt Limit Is Dangerous Nonsense. I suppose this is because of the Times' "fair and balanced" op-ed page policy of presenting opposing opinions. Only this op-ed was the "nonsense." The preeminent constitutional law expert calls it

By |May 19th, 2023|Economics, National Politics|1 Comment

The Economy Is Doing Better Than People Imagine, Because The Media Only Reports On Negativity

I blame the nattering nabobs of negativism in the mainstream media who know little or nothing about economics, and who simply parrot the GQP talking points from right-wing media - who know even less about economics, and who are dissembling disinformation propagandists. I miss Irving R. Levine, "the longtime NBC News correspondent whose easily accessible explanations of monetary policy, fluctuations in the Dow Jones industrial average and the intricacies of the global market helped make the economy a staple

National Archives Blows Away Trump’s B.S. Claims In Mar-A-Lago Classified Documents Case

Donald Trump likes to tell his sycophant supporters and propaganda media that he merely had to waive his hand over classified documents, or merely think that classified documents are declassified - like Carnac The Magnificent? - and they are declassified. This is bullshit. While a president has broad authority to declassify documents, there is a protocol which he must follow to protect sources and methods, and the national security of the United States. CNN reports, Exclusive: New evidence in

By |May 17th, 2023|AZ Politics|2 Comments

Lawsuit Alleges Rudy Giuliani Selling Pardons for $2 Million, Splitting Fee With Donald Trump

Update to Creepy Rudy Giuliani Sued Under NY Adult Survivors Act For Sexual Assault And Battery. The creepy sexual depravity of Rudy Giuliani aside, the part of this complaint that is going to get the attention of Special Counsel Jack Smith and the DOJ is the claim that Giuliani was selling pardons for $2 million each and splitting the proceeds with Donald Trump. This is a crime - Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich went to prison for it - and

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Senate Democrats Ask President Biden To Invoke The14th Amendment, And Bypass The GQP Economic Terrorists In Congress

Update to ‘America Does Not Negotiate With Terrorists’ – Invoke the 14th Amendment Against The Unconstitutional Federal Debt Ceiling. The Washington Post reports, Senate Democrats ask Biden to ready 14th Amendment, bypass GQP on debt limit: A group of Senate Democrats is circulating a letter urging President Biden to prepare to invoke the 14th Amendment to unilaterally resolve the debt ceiling standoff without involving Congress, according to a copy obtained by The Washington Post ahead of its release. The

By |May 17th, 2023|Economics, National Politics, Tax Policy|1 Comment

Tucson Says “NO!” to 412!

I gotta admit, I was surprised by the decisive defeat of Prop 412 by Tucson's voters. Given the lopsided weight of local endorsements by most of the Democratic establishment, the overwhelming funding advantage of TEP on the side of approval, and the very technical nature of the defects in the franchise agreement that activists, such as myself, objected to, I was pretty sure Tucson voters would be steamrolled and I was just pissing into the wind by opposing it.

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Special Election results for Prop. 412/TEP franchise agreement

City of Tucson Elections Dept. has posted the special election results for today, May 16 on Prop. 412 re: TEP franchise agreement and surcharges: Yes   28,084    45% No   34,612       55% So this proposition has been defeated, unless there are a large # of provisional ballots yet to be counted, which may have been dropped off today. Voter turnout was 21.69%.

By |May 16th, 2023|AZ Elections, AZ Government, AZ Politics|6 Comments

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