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Liz Cheney: ‘I Am Going To Do Everything I Can To Make Sure That Kari Lake Is Not Elected”

Steve Benen reports, Why Liz Cheney is willing to campaign for Dems for the first time: By any fair measure, Rep. Liz Cheney is a conservative Republican. The Wyoming congresswoman voted with the Trump White House roughly 94% of the time, and up until last year, she was a member of the House GOP leadership in good standing. With this in mind, when Cheney expressed a willingness to support and campaign for Democratic candidates, it raised a few eyebrows.

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QAnon Goes Full ‘TrumpAnon’ In A Hostile Takeover

Bill Berkowitz writes at Daily Kos, TRUMPAnon: Is Trump's Embrace of QAnon the ‘Last Act of a Desperate Man’?: In what some are calling the “last act of a desperate man,” former president Donald Trump is ramping up his embrace of QAnon followers. American followers of QAnon believe that Democrats are part of a global child-sex-trafficking ring and that Trump will ultimately rise up and defeat them. Before the 2020 election Trump, as was his wont, denied knowing much

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West Point Graduate Lt. Colonel (Retired) Dana Allmond Wants to Protect Democracy and Serve the People in the New LD 17

From Dana Allmond Campaign. “Duty, Honor, Country.” Those are not just words to West Point Graduate, Wife, and Mother of Four Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Dana Allmond. This is a social and moral code to live by when working for and serving others. A retired 23-year Army veteran who has declared Trump Republican Secretary of State Mark Finchem “a clear and present danger,” Lt. Colonel (Ret) Allmond has entered the race for one of the State House seats

Now That Abortion Is Illegal In Arizona, This Is The Kind Of Insanity We Can Come To Expect To See

Rolling Stone reports, She Wanted An Abortion. Now The Embryo Is Suing Her Doctors: FOUR YEARS AGO in Arizona, a woman had an abortion. She was not ambivalent about the decision: She was upset to learn she was pregnant, scared of giving birth, and she did not want — she had never wanted — children. Even so, Arizona law requires a pregnant person absorb a litany of information before terminating: medical information (like the risks associated with the procedure),

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The ‘Kochtopus’ PAC Is Bankrolling Election Denier Sedition Party Candidates

The Guardian reports, Alarm as Koch bankrolls dozens of election denier candidates: Fossil fuel giant Koch Industries has poured over $1m into backing – directly and indirectly – dozens of House and Senate candidates who voted against certifying Joe Biden’s win on 6 January 2021. Koch, which is controlled by multibillionaire Charles Koch, boasts a corporate Pac that has donated $607,000 to the campaigns or leadership Pacs of 52 election deniers since January 2021, making Koch’s Pac the top

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Political Calendar: Week Of September 25, 2022

Send notices of your events to Editor's Note: Due to the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and CDC recommendations for social distancing, many events are still being held virtually online. We are doing our best to update the calendar, but you should check with event organizers prior to attending any event to confirm the status.  Political Calendar for the Week of September 25, 2022: Sunday, September 25: Rosh Hashana begins. Continuing: Friday, September 23 - Sunday, October 30: Arizona State

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Hobbs and Mayes Hold Press Conference and Condemn the Pima County Court Decision Banning Virtually All Abortions in Arizona

"It (The 1901 abortion ban) was passed before Arizona was a state and before women could vote...This law is cruel, life-threatening, and rips away millions of Arizonan's freedoms... The government has no business interfering with the decisions doctors make every day when doing their jobs...As Arizona’s governor, I will do everything in my power and every tool at my disposal to restore abortion rights in Arizona...women's rights are not a bargaining chip..." Arizona Secretary of State and 2022 Democratic Gubernatorial

President Biden Assails The House GQP ‘Commitment To America’ Agenda (Updated)

Update to House GQP’s So-Called ‘Commitment to America’ Accidentally Leaked By Kevin McCarthy. The Arizona Mirror reports, U.S. House GOP outlines agenda in bid for control in the midterms. Shorter version: "All culture wars, all the time." Scare the GQP crazy base of White Christian Ntionalists into frothing at the mouth. This is not a "Commitment to America." It is more red meat for the GQP crazy base that tried to ovethrow the U.S. government on January 6, 2021,

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Adrian Fontes ‘Owned’ Insurrectionist Mark Finchem In His Debate

Update to David Gordon's post, Mark Finchem Demonstrates During His Debate With Adrian Fontes Just How Crazy He Is. Laurie Roberts of The Republic adds, It took only 30 minutes for Adrian Fontes to own Mark Finchem in their debate: Thursday night’s face-off between the two men who want to run Arizona’s elections showed exactly why debates are important. [Real debates, not this PBS 1/2 hour stuff.] The contrast could not have been clearer. One man was calm, measured, steady.

By |September 24th, 2022|AZ Elections, AZ Politics|2 Comments

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