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Arizona Mayors Shine in D.C. Last Week

Mayors across Arizona and the country are immediately responsible for charting a course for their residents on the path to safety and success. Arizona Mayors Kate Gallego, Regina Romero, John Giles, Jerry Weiers, and Corey Woods took part in D.C. Events last week while visiting the White House and attending the U.S. Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting where 200 local chief executives met to discuss strategies to move their communities forward. During a White House Ceremony, Phoenix's Gallego and

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Read Here to See Who is Supporting Yolanda Bejarano and Steve Gallardo for Arizona Democratic Party Chairperson

On January 28, 2023, Democrats across Arizona will be deciding who will helm the party going into the 2024 elections. The two major contenders are current Arizona Democratic Party Vice Chair Yolanda Bejarano and Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Gallardo. Please read below to see who is supporting both stellar candidates to become the next party chairperson on January 28. Please click here to see the Blog interview with Ms. Bejarano and here for Mr. Gallardo. Letter Supporting Yolanda Bejarano. 

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Lake Can’t Fit All Her (New) Complaints Into Her Election Contest Reply Brief

Kari Lake’s attorneys have so much to say about the dismissal of her Election Contest, they are asking for an exception to the word count in their newly-filed Reply Brief. Surprisingly, they are also (just now) again asking the Arizona Supreme Court to grab the appeal from the intermediate level Court of Appeals. Her raft of late night filings to both courts can be reviewed here. Asking to file a longer Brief than permitted by court rules is not

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Arizona Senate ‘Election Deniers Committee’ Holds Sham Election Denier Presentation

The Arizona Senate Committee on Elections aka the Senate Election Deniers Committee, held a sham elections deniers presentation from the MAGA/QAnon election deniers conspiracy theory organization We The People yesterday on "Election Mechanics" from Shelby Busch. The Senate Election Deniers Committee is chaired by White Christian Nationalist and MAGA/QAnon election denier extraordiaire Wendy Rogers, and the vice chair is the former spokesperson for the QAnon conspiracy theory Cyber Ninja "Fraudit," Ken Bennett. It also includes Wendy Roger's sidekick, MAGA/QAnon

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How Unstable People Get to Rule the World

I'll admit it. I had a blast watching the political circus that is Congressman George Santos (R-NY) and his never-ending stream of lies. I gleefully jumped on the bandwagon of folks creating viral memes and laughing like hyenas. But it quickly played out and became so last week to those of us who possess even a minimal sense of morality. Played out, you say? Why, it’s almost as if George lacks the terrifying presence of an unchecked Donald Trump

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Tucson Water Wants to Hear from Us!

  With climate change in full force, Tucson Water is preparing a comprehensive long-range plan to guide our use of water resources for the next 80 years. This master plan is based on a nationally recognized integrated approach to resource management known as “One Water.” The aim of the One Water 2100 Master Plan is “to foster a shared vision for providing a reliable source of the highest-quality potable and non-potable water for our community in the decades to

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Why I Will Cast My Vote for Yolanda Bejarano for ADP Chair

In my opinion, Yolanda Bejarano is the better choice to lead ADP. Please allow me to lay out my reasoning for your scrutiny. Perhaps you will agree with me. Endorsements When I first heard that there would be a contested election for ADP Chair, my first instinct (perhaps like many of you..) was to ask, "Who does the Governor want?" It has traditionally been one of the prerogatives of the Governorship to choose the Party Chair whom they want

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Travel the Butterfly Trail in Tucson on January 29, 2023

"On Sunday, January 29 from 1-4pm, we invite you and your friends and family to travel the Butterfly Trail by visiting the seven Tucson Butterfly Project mural sites honoring the 1.5 million children killed in the Holocaust. Mayor (Regina) Romero and Holocaust survivors will be speaking at 1 pm at the Children's Museum Tucson. Take the Butterfly Pledge committing to stand up to hate and promote a prejudice-free Tucson! Pick up a passport (available at all locations except Botanical

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The Leaders of the Maricopa Democratic Party Reflect on 2022 and Discuss the Way Forward to 2024

2022 was mostly a good news story for the Maricopa County Democratic Party. Most of the statewide candidates including Katie Hobbs, Adrian Fontes, Kris Mayes, Kathy Hoffman, and Mark Kelly won the fourth-largest county in the country. Local Legislative District (LD) and philosophically aligned school board candidates performed according to electoral expectations. Perhaps the only depressing result, stemming from a ballot drop off in voter participation from the November elections was Julie Gunnigle losing in a special election for

Arizona’s Housing Crisis Should Be a Major Focus of the Legislative Democrats this Year

In terms of immediate financial and quality of life impacts on average AZ people and families, the most consequential policies emerging from the new political strength of Democrats in Arizona are likely to be efforts to address our housing crisis. In Arizona, and across America, we have an affordability and availability crisis, a homelessness crisis, an inflation crisis, and an eviction crisis all rolled into a true feces-fling of pain and distress for people of average and lower incomes.

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