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“There’s a Threat Facing Women in America:” Bipartisan Seneca Project Frames the Choice for Women in 2024 With Their First Ad “A Time for Choosing”

David Gordon

The Bipartisan Seneca Project, named in part from the 1848 Seneca Falls movement that promoted women’s rights in the United States, has unveiled a powerful new ad called “A Time for Choosing” that frames what is at stake for American women in the 2024 elections. The ad starts with TV Journalist Norah O’Donnell announcing the … Read more

In their Latest Ad, the Lincoln Project Shows How Traitor and Convicted Donald Trump Shattered Several of the Commandments

David Gordon

Starting with a video clip of Huckster Donald ‘Traitor and Convicted 34 Times Over’ Trump promoting the Trump published “God Bless U.S.A. Bible” as “my favorite book,” the Lincoln Project’s new ad “Commandments” shows how Mr. ‘found liable for sexual assault and business fraud’ has shattered the basic principles of Mosaic Law including Thou Shall … Read more

Screenshots Prove Fake Democrat Mike Jette Supported “Maternal Choice,” Not Abortion Access

Larry Bodine

Two screenshots prove that candidate Mike Jette for Pima County Attorney originally supported “maternal choice” for pregnant women – and not abortion access. This screenshot (below) of Jette’s website as of March 7, 2024, shows he called for “maternal choice.” It was retrieved from the public Internet Archive see “Maternal choice” was removed on April … Read more

My Latest Take on the 2024 Election: TRUMP LOSES!

Simon Rosenberg

Editor’s note: this is a condensed transcript of Rosenberg’s speech about the election. The Republican party is broken. Since the spring of 2022, when Dobbs happened just two years ago, something broke inside the Republican party. For many Republicans, this was a bridge too far. It was just too much. Their relationship with the Republican … Read more

Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes Discusses the First Six Months of 2024

David Gordon

Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes graciously took the time to discuss the first six months of 2024 with Blog for Arizona. The Secretary discussed the progress his office was making with regard to preparing for the 2024 elections and the advances his team has made in serving Arizonans with better results.  The questions and … Read more

On the Anniversary of DACA, President Biden issued an Executive Order Protecting Families and Keeping Them Together

David Gordon

On the twelfth anniversary of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), the Obama Administration Executive Order that protected Dreamers from deportation, President Joe Biden unveiled another Executive Order designed to protect families where one spouse or child is an undocumented immigrant and keep them together. This Executive Order, according to the White House Briefing Room, … Read more

Kurt Kroemer Discusses the Race for the Democratic House Congressional District One Primary

David Gordon

Arizona House Congressional District (CD) One is one of the most-watched Congressional races in the country.  A district where, in 2022, incumbent David Schweikert prevailed in a non-Presidential election year by about a point and the Democrats are gleeful that this seat can be a pickup on the road to recapturing a House majority in this … Read more

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