Fact Check: AFP’s ‘Pants on Fire’ ad about ‘ObamaCare’


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Liar-LiarThe "Kochtopus" organization Americans For Prosperity is running ads in Southern Arizona against Rep. Ron Barber that begins with some innocuous blonde speaking in a concerned voice about how Americans don't like political ads (it is a political ad!) and saying "health care isn't about politics, it's about people." Ahhh, isn't that special.

Remember, this is from the "Kochtopus" organization Americans For Prosperity — far-right radical politics is all they do, and the "Kochtopus" doesn't give a damn about you or your health care.

In fact, AFP wants to repeal "ObamaCare" which would kick millions of Americans off of health insurance that they did not have before "ObamaCare," and millions of seniors would lose new benefits they received under Medicare. Millions more working poor would be kicked off expanded Medicaid in states like Arizona without the federal funds.

The ad makes three specific claims:

>> "Millions of people have lost their health insurance": This is objectively FALSE. The ad is conflating the recent cancellation notices for substandard insurance policies with "losing insurance," but these policy holders are being offered other plans, or can purchase a plan from the Marketplace health insurance exchange. The key provision of "ObamaCare" is that individuals cannot be denied insurance because of pre-existing conditions, or hitting an annual cap or lifetime cap on benefits.

>> "Millions of people can't see their own doctors": I don't know about you, but under my health insurance over the years, well before "ObamaCare," this was also true. Health insurance policies have doctors move in and out of their networks all the time. I have had to change doctors several times. FactCheck.org noted that "There’s no guarantee that your employer won’t switch plans, just as companies could have done before the law. And if you switch jobs, your new work-based coverage might not have your doctor as an in-network provider, either." Obamacare Myths. There is also the obvious point about keeping your doctor: doctors retire and die. I have had this happen a few times also.

>> "Millions of people are paying more and getting less": This is objectively FALSE. The media villager hysteria over the cancellation notices for substandard plans is all about "ObamaCare" setting minimum standards for insurance coverage that requires more coverage, and with premium subsidies, most will be paying less.

The small number of "losers" — typically, young, healthy and affluent who benefited from the substandard policies that excluded anyone with pre-existing conditions or dropped policy holders the minute they made a claim — may be paying more for a policy. This is a small slice of the population. But they will also be receiving better coverage due to the minimum standards, and they can't be dropped when they make a claim, and there are no longer any annual or lifetime caps. If they don't see this as a benefit, they have never been on the losing end of "denial of coverage' from their insurer.

Innocuous blonde ends with "ObamaCare doesn't work. It just doesn't work. Tell Congressman Ron Barber to stop thinking about politics, and start thinking about people." Maybe AFP should read Linda Valdez's column today in the Arizona Republic, Valdez: Barber's public vs. self service. AFP's assertion is absurd.

It's simple people: anything produced by Americans For Prosperity will always be a "pants on fire" lie.

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