Pay attention to the Legislature’s floor session today…


by Craig McDermott, cross-posted from Random Musings

Today at the Arizona Legislature, most of the action is expected to be on the floors of both chambers.  The committee agendas are relatively sparse and look fairly innocuous.

However, "innocuous" is NOT a word that most observers would use to describe the floor calendars today.  Things like nullification of federal laws and rules, school vouchers, expanding use of force, and anti-union measures are on tap today.

It's going to be an "ugh" kind of day.

The floor calendars can be found here; all bills can be found here.

Scheduled to go up before the Senate, and this is just a very brief list -

SB1188, mandating a preference in adoptions for married couples.  Single folks had better have extraordinary ties to the prospective adoptee, and same-sex couples need not apply. (Third Read, or final passage)

SB1288, barring the suspension or revocation of a professional license of someone who fails to fulfill their professional duties due to their religious beliefs. (Third Read)

SB1329, barring a public employee from lobbying a public entity during their work hours (with certain exceptions).  Targeted at teachers who dared to protest cuts to education funding. (Third Read)

SB1469, expanding the justifications for using force against another person.  (Third Read)

SB1495, creating a Arizona-based military force, answerable only to the governor of Arizona, and funded with monies siphoned away from the Arizona National Guard. (Third Read)

SB1363, protecting employers from labor demonstrations. (Third Read)

SB1433, the return of the "nullification" bill that was defeated last week.  (Third Read)

SB1610, naming a state firearm. (Third Read)

SB1518, barring new school construction, instead mandating that school districts in need of more capacity contract with charter schools. (COW, or Committee of The Whole)

SCR1016, calling for a federal constitutional convention to mandate approval by the legislatures of the states before the federal debt limit can be increased. (COW)

SCR1028, a proposed amendment to the Arizona Constitution to bar payroll deductions for political purposes, with a few exceptions.  Aimed at unions.  (COW)

In the House (all bills going through COW, as no Third Read calendar has been posted) –

HB2706, creating "Arizona Empowerment Accounts" for parents to utilize state funds for private schools.  "Vouchers" by another name.

HB2484, taking the power to select people to fill vacancies in legislative seats away from county supervisors and giving it solely to the the precinct committeemen of the same party as the person who vacated the office.

The rest of the week is probably going to be as "colorful," so check back in the late afternoon to see if the next day's calendars have been posted.


  1. Charter School Welfare Act.

    SB1518, barring new school construction, instead mandating that school districts in need of more capacity contract with charter schools.