PCDP Chair on ‘dark money’ complaint filed by Supervisor Sharon Bronson

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Pima County Democratic Party Chair Jeff Rogers released this press release regarding the complaint filed by County Supervisor, Sharon Bronson, against her opponent Tanner Bell:

Tanner Bell Campaign Engulfed in Scandal, Local Dems React

Friday, 27 October

Tucson – Legal complaints and accusations of major campaign violations, some criminal, have been filed in the District 3 County Supervisors race in Pima County.

Acting on behalf of County Supervisor Sharon Bronson’s reelection bid, campaign officials filed the 13 page complaint today, detailing a startling number of violations which span multiple states and numerous sections of legal code.

At the center of the controversy is Republican Supervisor Candidate Tanner Bell and his apparent collaboration with independent committees working to support his campaign. Such collaboration is illegal under Arizona election law, and the extent of the accused collaboration could mean big trouble for Bell, his paid consultants and colleague Michael Farley, Chairman of the “Independent” Committee.

“In all my years of political involvement, I have never seen such flagrant, various and repeated violations of election law.” said local attorney and Democratic Chairman Jeff Rogers. “The extent of collaboration and the fumbled attempts to cover this whole mess up are incredible. I wouldn’t want to be in Mr. Bell’s or Mr. Farley’s shoes right now.”

Tanner Bell, Michael Farley and others could face criminal and civil charges if evidence of wrongdoing is found. If so, the complaint will likely be forwarded to the County Attorney for prosecution. In addition to the criminal charges, those involved could be fined three times the amount they spent illegally.


Tanner Bell Collusion Complaint
Tanner Bell / Tagline Organizational Chart

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  1. Electioneering nonsense! First she INVENTS a relationship then she tries to legitimize it by filing a complaint about the invention. She must be losing! “Flagrant, various, and repeated violations” ! LOL. There are NONE! Talking up Bronson’s invention like it’s ‘scary’. Were any babies injuried too Mr. Rogers? OOOOHHhh the children……..