Pearce gets it right — once — with his “balance of rights” statement

by David Safier

Why in the world would Russell Pearce, who believes nothing should restrict our "freedoms," vote along with the rest of the legislature to restrict the freedom of assembly and, by his usual logic, the freedom of speech of the Westboro Baptist Church when they planned to protest at Christina Taylor Green's funeral? Pearce agreed with his legislative colleagues, protesters must stay 300 feet away from a funeral.

Pearce said it had to do with a "balance of rights." I agree, totally and wholeheartedly. You need to weigh one person's rights against another's and, when necessary, put reasonable restrictions on the actions of one person or group to protect the rights and safety of others.

Would that Pearce would consider the "balance of rights" to be a reasonable yardstick in other areas — like, say, gun rights.

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