Penguin for President?


I just hopped off the treadmill, from which I was watching TV clips of Trump bragging about the incredible loyalty of his supporters. On this count, he’s not delusional. The polls back him up. His supporters indeed are off the charts loyal.

Then the thought struck me: Trump is channeling Danny DeVito, when DeVito played the Penguin in a ’90s Batman film. The Penguin, if you recall, worked the sympathy of Gotham residents for his birth defects to become wildly popular. He was destined to become the Mayor of Gotham, until Batman found an audiotape of Penguin saying, in a diabolical tone, “I’m playing this town like the harp from hell,” and broadcast the tape to all of Gotham.

Isn’t that what Trump is doing? Is there any question that he’s playing angry white Americans like the harp from hell?

I doubt Batman will come through to save us from this. But I’ll settle for the guy who caught Romney on tape with his 47% remarks.

Otherwise, we could have a President Penguin in our future.


  1. trumps message of bring good paying jobs back is just as powerful as his racists attacks are except for bernie all of the other candidates are for free trade as they are bought and paid for by contributors. that is why bernie is getting the big crowds and democratic men going to him as being the moderate on gun control. minorities still with clinton so she will still win.

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