Petition Drive to Recall Sen. Russell Pearce – Saturday, March 5, 2011

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A message from the Committee to Recall Russell Pearce:

We are gearing up for a caravan from Tucson to Mesa, Arizona. Our next walk will begin on Saturday, March 5th at 10:00 AM at the Mesa public library. Our goal is to recruit at least 50 volunteers to canvass District 18. Please bring your family, your friends and help us to blanket the district with canvassers. This is a way for YOU to make a difference for Arizona!

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I realize that Tucson and Pima County Democrats are the best at getting this type of job done, but what about our brothers and sisters in Maricopa County? There are a lot more Democrats in Maricopa County, and you live right next door to Mesa. What are you doing to recall Arizona's de facto governor and hate-monger-in-chief? Can't you give up a Saturday to send a message that Arizonans have had enough?

Dear Volunteers,

On Saturday March 5th we will have a rally of our petition gatherers starting at the Mesa Public Library at 10:00 AM. We need you in attendance as we plan to send a message to Russell Pearce and the rest of the state legislature that we have had enough. If the state legislature can stay up all night degrading the living standard of working Arizonans and soiling the human rights that are the fabric of our spirit then I can be up at three in the morning working to get this organized and we will get over 1,000 signatures against Russell Pearce in a single day. No longer will we say yes we can, but from now on we will say yes we will. Arizonans have been bullied by a tyrannical state legislature for too long now and it is time to send a message. Thank you for helping us with this effort, thank you for your time, sweat, and tears, and thank you for taking a stand against the destructive actions of Senator Pearce. You will all be my hero on Saturday, March 5th.


Bill Moran

Volunteer Coordinator
(623) 533-1544

P.S. – We will still be collecting signatures and organizing in front of the Mesa Public Library this Saturday. They won't rest, as we've seen from the destructive all night state legislative session. Therefore, neither will we. We will continue to collect signatures every day until we have enough. I thank you for any time you can contribute towards this.

UPDATE: You can volunteer your time this Saturday as well:

Given all that has happened this week at the Capitol, it is time for us to ramp up our efforts to Recall Russell Pearce. Please forward this information to your family, friends and colleagues and ask them to visit and/or our fb page at Citizens for a Better AZ.

Some of you indicated that you are willing to staff a table and/or walk neighborhoods to help us collect signatures. We are asking all of our volunteers to meet at the Mesa Public Library (64 E. 1st Street. Mesa) this Saturday, February 26th for two events:

1. 10:00 AM – neighborhood walk (you will be partnered with another volunteer and given a list of registered voters to visit and ask them to sign the petition); and
2. 1:00 PM – Special Meeting with all Volunteers to review our strategy and to share with you our needs over the next 6-8 weeks.

Please let us know if you in both or just one of the events this Saturday. The meeting at 1:00 PM will last 45 minutes. All those who walk in the morning will return by 12:45 PM so they can be part of the 1:00 PM meeting. Thank you all for your support! See you on Saturday.

Randy Parraz

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