Phoenix CD4: When Honesty Is Not The Best Policy


Posted by Bob Lord

Honesty generally reflects favorably on a candidate.

Except of course when it unmasks a worldview that by itself is a disqualifier.

On that front, this statement reportedly made by Justin Johnson in the Phoenix CD4 race is a doozy:

Q: Starting with Justin, which City Council and mayoral candidates have you financially supported?

A: (Johnson): I would say, every single council member that’s on the City Council today. I’m in the construction business. I’m a general contractor, and we often submit plans to the City, and it’s nice to have people to call down there, to ask for help on what the process is, how we can make it smoother, how we can make it better.

This was reported by the Pastor campaign, but it actually was caught on video here.

No commentary necessary on this one, huh?