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I’m not entirely sure what the county’s purpose was in calling John, but they kept him dangling for days. I have to wonder if some of it was just a way to keep him out of the courtroom most of the time.


In any case, they were hoping to put a wild-eyed revolutionary on the stand to frighten the judge with, they instead got a concerned grand-dad who wants to leave a better America behind.

Please recall that the following is a condensed and paraphrased summary, not a transcript. Mucho gracias to David Safier for compiling these summaries.

Summary of testimony by John Brakey

Direct examination by Christopher Straub, Deputy Pima County Attorney.

John Brakey has no formal computer training, but is knowledgeable about computers. He is a member of local and state election integrity committees and of Audit AZ.

Brakey has no fondness for the GEMS system.

Brakey is good at recognizing patterns in databases.

He has access to a copy of GEMS software and has been working with it.

He believes most election fraud is done internally.

He has developed a simple technique to do a password switch, so a database can be given a new password and be opened in GEMS. He has published the technique to demonstrate the poor security of the GEMS software.

Asked if his involvement in the lawsuit is to generate a change in the election software, Brakey replied that his motivation is his granddaughter. He is worried about the way this country is going for her sake, and he wants to do everything he can to correct the problems he sees.

No Cross Examination.