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Latest News:

Judge Michael Miller has issued his ruling
granting the plaintiffs access to the final databases for the 2006
Primary and General elections, but denying without prejudice wider
access to all database files for the election in the possession of Pima
County until and unless they are able to demonstrate the wider access
will not compromise election security. This means that the mid-year RTA
election and the backups made during the multi-day process of counting
ballots remain out of reach for now.

The Board of Supervisors has put the release of limited files the court has ordered released on the agenda at their Jan. 8
meeting, which starts at 9 a.m. Board members are slated to discuss
whether they will give the files up, or of they will appeal the ruling. Interested parties may want to show up and have a say.

Complete trial coverage after the flip…

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Trial Coverage:

The Judge’s Ruling was issued 12/19. You can download the Ruling in PDF format here.  Read my in-depth analysis of the ruling.

Closing statements
were short and pointed. The rhetoric got pretty heated around the issue
of attacks on the character of the parties involved. Video of Bill
Risner’s closing is posted below.

All witness summaries are now complete (or at least finished…) and there is a trial wrap-up by David Safier now available. My own wrap-up
is posted on the Brad Blog. There will likely be additional resources
and ancillary posts about the issues compiled on this post over the
next few days, so please continue to check this space.

There is also the ongoing media project of putting the footage of
the trial to the best use, so expect a post about the logistics of that
project, how to participate, and how to contribute financially to
spreading the word about what election integrity activists have learned
through this process. Video production and post-production is not
cheap, and to tell this story effective will be costly, but well

Consider this your base camp for scaling Mt. Integrity. You may also
use the comment thread here as a stable place to discuss the trial and
EI issues.

First, I am blogged a condensed daily summary of the trial on the Brad Blog:

There are some articles giving context and background on the issues
and the case (suggestions for inclusion in this list are very welcome).

A quick Google News search
will keep you up to date with most local news coverage of the trial.
Finally, here are the summaries of testimony by witnesses and
significant statements by counsels:

A special glimpse inside the courtroom with an argument against
judgment as a matter of law made on Thursday by Democrats’ attorney
Bill Risner:


  1. As a Pima County Deputy Registrar in the 1960’s and 1970’s I liked the “Old Way” of registering Voters and holding elections on a paper ballot!

    Serving at The Polls on the boards is very rewarding and frustrating seeing what goes on!

    Those of us who worked in The Democratic Party when it was The Democratic Party representing core values of my good friends Hubert Humphrey and Scoop Jackson plus Jack Kennedy have a life experience that local politicians today lack!

  2. Thanks for the reporting. To all who are fighting this fight, thank you for your patriotic service.

  3. There is an analysis of the security issues at:

    This discusses the need for _balanced security_ (as opposed to the proverbial one-picket fence). There needs to be a balanced view of insider threats, not just outsider threats.

    It also discusses “security by obscurity” (as opposed to Kerckhoff’s Principle).

    Did you know the Australians have a Linux-based e-voting system where every detail (including the software) is open to public review?