Police Chief Dan Saban’s Endorsements Shut Out Showboat Arpaio


In a stunning demonstration of the widely-felt need for a new Sheriff in Maricopa County, six of the state’s most prominent law enforcement associations endorsed Buckeye Police Chief Dan Saban for
Maricopa County Sheriff.

In accepting the endorsement of these groups
whose members number over 8,000 law enforcement officers and officials
statewide, Saban said "These men and women are counting on me to
restore professionalism to the management level of this office and to
support their efforts as professional crime fighters."

explaining why rank-and-file officers and deputies want to a new
Sheriff, Martin Bihn, spokesman for the Deputies Association said
Arpaio is to blame for undermining public safety by diverting precious
resources and money away from important crime enforcement projects to
publicity projects. I would add his spending millions on odd predilections and bizarre conspiracy theories in which everyone is out to get Joe Arpaio.

The groups endorsing Saban include:

  • Maricopa County Deputies Association
  • Arizona Conference of Police and Sheriffs
  • Arizona Correctional Peace Officers Association (AZCOPS)
  • Chandler Police Lieutenants and Sergeants Association
  • Maricopa Community College Police Association
  • Maricopa County Probation Association

No association representing any employee or officer in the Maricopa County
Sheriff’s Office has endorsed the current Sheriff.
What does that tell you? It’s time for a new Sheriff in town…

Though Saban re-registered as a Democrat for this contest, don’t fool yourself that he’s a Dem in any sense. He’s absolutely a Republican, but defeating Arpaio among the very narrow and ideological electorate of a Republican primary is nearly impossible. Saban has done the smart thing that will allow the entire electorate of Maricopa County to decide who their Sheriff will be, not a tiny ideological minority.


  1. i cant believe all you Republican “That love the rule of law can still” support Arpaio. i guess Arpaio sending his lackees to train officers in Honduras with our money is no big deal. it seams to me you guys only want the law enforced when it involves brown skin people.

  2. Its funny but even the officers of Buckeye are backing Joe and not the exchief. Also I dont believe that too many MCSO deputies are backing saban. Phoenix PD is also backing Joe not to mention the AZ house of Rep and Congress.

  3. No Kidding!!! Saban youy must be crazy. Even John McCain has admitted he made a mistake in endorsing him in 2004. He did so blindly. Mostly because of his dislike for Arpaio…but then McCain got smart and learned the truth stay AWAY from Saban!!! Talk about a man with things to hide both personally and crimminally!!

  4. My co-bloggers and I are all conservative Republicans who will vote for Saban. Maybe Arpaio can move to Hollywood and play a tough guy in there for a while.

  5. “No association representing any employee or officer in the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has endorsed the current Sheriff. What does that tell you? It’s time for a new Sheriff in town… ”

    Hmmm. That’s funny, I didn’t hear you guys say anything when Dupnick got stiffed by his own deputies in favor of Youngling.

    I guess what happens in Maricopa County doesn’t apply in Pima.

    I also find it funny that you guys are embracing a Republican that just switched party’s so he doesn’t have to face Joe in a primary (where he knows he’d get his arse kicked). Dan Saban might give Joe a run for his money, but the reality is Sheriff Joe’s reputation as a hard on criminal sheriff and his RESULTS will carry him through another election.

    The people of Maricopa County love him and are thrilled the criminal lovin’ hippies in Pima County can’t stand him.