Postcard to Congress: Save Tucson’s Cherybell Mail Processing Center

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

You can bet the U.S. Postal Service will deliver this postcard. Here is a press release update on the effort to save Tucson's Cherybell Mail Processing Center from closure this year.

UPDATE: Dalessandro’s efforts to keep Cherrybell Mail Processing Center open continues to Congress

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Today Rep. Andrea Dalessandro, D-Sahuarita (District 2), announced that her effort to keep the Cherrybell Mail Processing Center open earned overwhelming support in the Arizona Senate and will now go to the United States Congress.

Dalessandro sponsored House Concurrent Memorial 2007, which asks Congress to take action against the closing of the Cherrybell Mail Processing Center in Tucson. A house concurrent memorial can be used by the State Legislature to make an official statement on an issue outside its jurisdiction.

“I am thrilled my concurrent memorial passed both the Arizona House and the Arizona Senate and is now on its way to U.S. House Speaker Boehner, U.S. Senate President Harry Reid and the entire Arizona congressional delegation. If the Cherrybell Mail Processing Center closes, nearly 300 Arizonans could lose their jobs. I hope they see the importance of keeping these Arizonans employed,” Dalessandro said. “The first step to job growth is to keep the jobs we already have.”

The Senate voted in favor of the memorial 27-2.

A copy of HCM 2007 is available here.

For the curious, the two senators voting "no" were Senate President Andy Biggs, and strangely enough, Olivia Cajero Bedford (D-LD 3) from Tucson. What's up, Olivia? You are going to have to explain your vote.

The House vote was 35-24. Notable "no" votes were Tea-Publicans Rep. David Gowan and Rep. David Stevens (LD 14) and Rep. Steve "Secession" Smith (LD 11) whose districts are served by the Tucson Cherrybell Mail Processing Center.

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