Paula Pennypacker, the Republican turned Democrat turned nativist Trump shill, is posting regularly on Facebook that Trump is the real deal.

The rest of us, progressives and conservatives both, still deep down inside believe Trump will fade.

But when? He’s survived statements many thought were sure to sink him.

My guess is when his anger shows up for all to see. Thick skinned he’s not. So far, he’s faced little pressure on this front. In that regard, his opponents have been woefully ineffective. They’ve either attacked him in a serious way on the issues or they’ve been complimentary. Those are equally bad strategies. What they should be doing is mocking and ridiculing him.. Sooner or later, a few will.

Rosie O’Donnell and Bill Maher both got under Trump’s skin. Why? Because they laughed at him. Their remarks played to the caricature that is Trump.

But it will happen. There’s a media consultant out there somewhere, working for one of Trump’s opponents, who gets this. And Trump will make a mistake. He’ll give an interview to the wrong journalist, someone canny enough to get him upset.

And my guess is that it will be memorable.