Predicting Trump’s Unraveling

Paula Pennypacker, the Republican turned Democrat turned nativist Trump shill, is posting regularly on Facebook that Trump is the real deal.

The rest of us, progressives and conservatives both, still deep down inside believe Trump will fade.

But when? He’s survived statements many thought were sure to sink him.

My guess is when his anger shows up for all to see. Thick skinned he’s not. So far, he’s faced little pressure on this front. In that regard, his opponents have been woefully ineffective. They’ve either attacked him in a serious way on the issues or they’ve been complimentary. Those are equally bad strategies. What they should be doing is mocking and ridiculing him.. Sooner or later, a few will.

Rosie O’Donnell and Bill Maher both got under Trump’s skin. Why? Because they laughed at him. Their remarks played to the caricature that is Trump.

But it will happen. There’s a media consultant out there somewhere, working for one of Trump’s opponents, who gets this. And Trump will make a mistake. He’ll give an interview to the wrong journalist, someone canny enough to get him upset.

And my guess is that it will be memorable.

12 thoughts on “Predicting Trump’s Unraveling”

  1. Trump will soon enough be seated at the Karma Cafe—have a seat, there is no menu, you will be served what you deserve.

  2. I know you are correct, Bob, but waiting for that is excruciating. Of course, Trump is a good thing for you Democrats because if he stays he dampens voter turnout among conservatives, and if he goes, he is going to drag a lot of votes with him, ala Ross Perot. Either way, he is bad for Republicans.

    • What I’m curious to see, John, is what she does when Trump finally crashes. Will she eat crow, or will she obfuscate and re-explain? My guess is that no crow will be consumed?

  3. Bob you and the other good government liberals forget the saying “The enemy of my enemy is my friend!” Trumps tea bagger supporters hate the republican establishment more then good government liberals do! When yasser arafat told jimmy carter years later that bill casey made a deal with iran to hold the hostages till after the 1980 election (which was the start of iran contra treason) good government carter asked how arafat knew? “because I was in on it!” yasser told him. Carter kept quite about it because he said it would destroy the republican party! Good government liberalism in action! Help trump destroy the republican party don’t try to protect it!

    • My credibility depends on my objectivity. This post wasn’t goal oriented, as you seem to have surmised. Note the title of the post. A prediction is something you think is going to happen, which isn’t necessarily what you’re wishing for.

      • You confused me here, Bob. This is a partisan web site, and I have always thought that most of what you publish is partisan in nature. There is nothing wrong with that…in fact, that is one of the reasons your posts are so provacative and interesting. I agree with you that, in this particular post, you were being objective. You don’t have to be biased to recognize that Trump is a rolling train wreck headed for a spectacular failure. Anyway, am I wrong about you being partisan in most of your postings?

        • I think you’re wrong, Steve, but the distinction may not be all that obvious. My worldview is progressive, which obviously colors my opinions. But I don’t consider myself partisan. As you know, I’ve not shied away from going after Democrats. I post once in a while on political contests, more often for the sport of it than anything else. But if you view my writing collectively, I think it’s apparent that I’m moved by policy, not politics. Because of my worldview, I suppose, my policy-oriented posts could be seen as lending partisan support to Democrats. That’s coincidental.

          • I see what you are saying, Bob. It makes more sense to me now. It isn’t obvious, but given what you said, I can see the pattern. Thank you for taking the time to explain.

          • In fairness to you, Steve, it is a partisan blog. Others who post here are unabashedly partisan. For some reason, they’re kind enough to tolerate my useless abstractions that do nothing to advance the partisan cause.

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