Prediction: Zimmerman Serves Time, Eventually


Posted by Bob Lord

I'm not referring to the potential Justice Department case. If the Justice Department pursues Zimmerman for a civil rights violation, this post is a moot point.

But assume that doesn't happen.

Zimmerman right now is telling himself he better clean up his act, because next time he may not be so likely. His father, his older brother and his wife likely are telling him the same thing. But deep down inside, Zimmerman knows he just got away with murder. And in his mind of minds, he thinks he can get it away with it again.  

Remember, this was not Zimmerman's first brush with the law, or even his second. Zimmerman has a criminal bent. Short term, his trial will cause him to be more careful. Long term, it will cause him to be more brazen. One day, the animal in Zimmerman will act out again. It may not be another murder, but it will involve violence. 

It may take awhile, but one day Zimmerman will spend time behind bars. 

UPDATE: Tammy saw this and had a different prediction: Zimmerman will be the next Fox News Host. The smart money likely is on her.