President Biden Forcefully Confronts the Naysayers During a Powerful Speech in Madison, Wisconsin, Proclaiming “I’m Running and Going to Win Again”

From C-Span

Facing calls from DemocratIc and Progressive-leaning legislators, donors, and pundits, President Joe Biden forcefully confronted the naysayers in a powerful speech in Madison, Wisconsin, proclaiming “I’m running and going to win again.”

While repeating elements of the stump speech he has used in past events, the President entered to chants of “Let’s go, Joe,” saying “Hello Wisconsin.”

Mr. Biden started off his remarks by reminding the audience of the July 4 remarks Donald Trump made five years ago when he said, even with a teleprompter, that “George Washington’s Army won the Revolution by taking control of the airports from the British.”

Biden is not making that up. Click here to see Trump make those remarks. What should worry Americans he said those remarks even with the aid of a teleprompter. Actually, given his recent stump speeches, including the ones where he speaks about shark attacks, again with the aid of a teleprompter, it should not be surprising.

When you go off the rails even with a teleprompter, that is saying something and it is not good.

President Biden could not resist, saying, “If you’re not sure Trump has it all together…Talk about me misspeaking. Airports and the British in 1776. It’s true, he is a stable genius.” He also made the sign of the cross in an “Oh my God” moment and laughed at the insanity of it all.

Saying he was in Wisconson because “we’re going to win, Wisconsin,” the President listed several reasons they would achieve victory there including:

  • Standing up for women and promising to restore Roe v Wade.
  • Fighting for the right to vote.
  • Promising to secure Social Security and Medicare for fighting to fund child, elder care, and paid leave.
  • Expanding the lowering of prescription drug costs.
  • Keeping weapons of war away from children.
  • Continuing to confront climate change.
  • Saving our Democracy.

President Biden Talks about His Bad Debate Performance, What he is Going to do Moving Forward, and his Age.

In his next remarks, the President addressed the debate last week, saying “I can’t say it was my best performance.”

Mr. Biden then confronted the speculation of how he would move forward.

To that, he responded:

I am running and going to win again…I’m the sitting President of the United States of America in no small part because of you. That’s not a joke. In 2020, you came through for me. I’m the nominee of the Democratic Party.  I’m the nominee of this party because millions of Democrats like you just voted for me in primaries all across America. You voted for me to be your nominee. No one else. You the voters did that.”

“Despite that. Some folks don’t seem to care who you voted for. Well, guess what? They’re trying to push me out of the race. Well, let me say this as clearly as I can. I am staying in the race. I’ll beat Donald Trump. I will beat him again in 2024…  I learned long ago. When you get knocked down you get back up. I’m what I’m not letting one 90-minute debate wipe out three and a half years of work.”

He then reminded the audience that his stewardship in the Presidency helped lead the country “from the depths of the pandemic to the strongest economy in the world…I and you are not finished yet.”

Joking that he looked 40, Mr. Biden also had words for those he was too old to be President, commenting on whether he was too old to:

  • Preside over the creation of 15 million jobs.
  • Sign into legislation the expansion of the Affordable Care Act to 21 million Americans.
  • Help enact the Prescription Drug Benefit so seniors can buy insulin for $35.00
  • Relive five million Americans of student loan debt.
  • Put the first Black Woman on. the United States Supreme Court.
  • Sign the Respect for Marriage Act.
  • Sign the most significant gun safety law in 30 years.
  • Propose and sign the biggest climate bill in the history of the world.

To those who say he is too old to be President now, he laughed and said “How about the 200,000 new jobs we announced yesterday?”

To chants of “No,” the President asked if they thought he was too old to lead the way in:

  • Restoring Roe v Wade.
  • Ban assault weapons.
  • Protect Social Security and Medicare.
  • Get child care and elder care for working families.
  • Make billionaires pay their fair share in taxes.
  • Beat Donald Trump, saying “I can hardly wait.”

President Biden Tells the Truth Again About Donald Trump and the Threat He Poses to Democracy.

Mr. Biden repeated many of the truths he had said at the debate and previous events about Donald Trump, the person he called “A one man crime wave” and the threat he poses to American Democracy and the American Ideal.

These remarks included Trump:

  • Being cited by over 150 presidential historians as the worst President in American history. Incidentally, these same historians ranked President Biden number 14.
  • Leaving office as only one of two Presidents (Hoover being the other) who left office with net jobs lost during his term. Mr. Biden nicknamed him ‘Donald Herbert Hoover Trump.
  • Mishandling of the Coronavirus including his remarks to inject bleach in your arms.
  • Calling dead soldiers “suckers” and “losers.
  • Losing the support of his own Vice President, Four Star General Chief of Staff, and many other members of his Administration.
  • Receiving 34 felony convictions for committing business fraud after sleeping with a porn star.
  • Being found liable for sexual assault and business fraud to the tune of about $500 million in fines.
  • Lying about his role in the Domestic Terrorist/Insurrectionist Attack at the Nation’s Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Biden asks the People What they Want.

After reciting Donald Trump’s considerable faults, sins, and crimes, President Biden asked:

“Why would anyone ever let him be near the Oval Office again folks?”

He then asked the people what kind of country did they want to live in. Did they want to live in an America where:

  • Anger, revenge, and retribution prevail over hope and optimism.
  • A woman can make her own healthcare decisions or be threatened with punishment if they go against an abortion ban.
  • Health care is a right, not a privilege.
  • People can get health insurance on the Affordable Care Market Places whereas Trump wants to take them off.
  • The rich get tax cuts at the expense of the middle and working classes.
  • A President does nothing about keeping guns away from children.
  • The criminals of January 6 are pardoned instead of deservedly serving time for the crimes they committed.

Saying again “You can’t love your country only if you win,” Mr. Biden told the audience “The American presidency is about character. The character of the president who holds the job. It’s about honesty. It’s about the President’s decency and integrity to respect people…honor the oath of the Constitution and uphold the oath of office,” Mr. Biden warned that with this week’s Supreme Court ruling that could potentially give future Presidents immunity for anything they do while calling it official acts is “frightening” because “according to the extreme majority of the Supreme Court, a President is now above the law. A dangerous person, especially if Donald Trump has returned to the president. Just think about it…Where the hell are we? He really could become a dictator that he promised to be on day one.” 

Biden closed with:

“For over two centuries America has been a free Democratic Nation and I‘ll be damned in the year 2024, just two years before our 250th anniversary of us as a nation, I’ll let Donald Trump take this away...This race is about our freedom. It’s about our Democracy. It’s about the very soul of America. Are you prepared to fight for that? I know I am and I will. Folks, I have never been more optimistic about America’s future. The American people are decent, good, honorable. Just remember who in God’s name we are. The United States of America and there’s nothing beyond our capacity when we stand together. So let’s stand together with this election and exile Donald Trump, politically.”

Later, after shaking hands with members of the crowd, the President returned to the podium and conveyed his appreciation to the people who gathered for the event, saying, “I won’t forget this. God, love you.” 

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7 thoughts on “President Biden Forcefully Confronts the Naysayers During a Powerful Speech in Madison, Wisconsin, Proclaiming “I’m Running and Going to Win Again””

  1. We all do care about a mentally ill stable genius con man in the White House. Biden is still cleaning up the mess.

  2. 72% of people polled say Biden is neither mentally nor physically fit to be president, his poll numbers are dropping, and formerly blue states are morphing into battleground states, and your say that it is because he had a cold or had week-old jet lag when he debated.

    You are exposing yourself as being little more than a Democrat party operative who parrots lame talking points. Have you no shame? Don’t you care that a mentally impaired man is running the nation and will have to answer the call that comes in at 3AM?

    • This coming from the man who supports a traitor, twice impeached, 34 time convicted, sexual assaulter, and business fraudster who caused the death of thousands with his mishandling of the Coronavirus. Biden is the one who replaced the mentally impaired occupant of the White House.

          • This just in from Matt Viser of the Washington Post:

            “President Biden lingered for nearly an hour after the campaign event here, working the rope line in a way that he’s rarely done since his election bid four years ago.
            He kissed foreheads, grabbed shoulders and talked one-on-one to several attendees. At one point he removed his jacket and took a long gulp of what appeared to be orange Gatorade. Though more Democrats are questioning whether he should stay in the race, the rope-line affirmations are bound to make him more defiant about staying in.”

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