President Biden is An Old Man: So What

From the Hill

With the release of the special counsel report from a Trump appointee that painted a negative (and inappropriate) portrait of the President’s memory, (a report where Mr. Hur’s summary of wilful conduct committed by the President on keeping classified documents was contradicted throughout the text by passages (page 215 for example) that there was no evidence of wilful conduct,) the chorus of political operatives on the left and white wetting their pants with concerns about whether Biden was strong enough to win in November has swelled.

While the President’s team does need to do a better job in putting him out there (not everyone watches the political shows every day where Mr. Biden routinely talks with the press on the White House grounds when he leaves or returns from events,) people on the left and center need to remember what the choice is right now for 2024.

President Biden is an old man prone to gaffes.

So what.

Consider the younger Speaker of the House Mike Johnson mistaking Iran for Israel when discussing aid. Please see below.

And let’s not forget the 77-year-old man running for the Republican Nomination who, unlike Mr. Biden, has demonstrated through his various unethical (resulting in two impeachments) and illegal actions (91 indictments) and gaffes while he was in the White House, is unfit to return to power.

Remember when Donald Trump confused Nancy Pelosi with Nikki Haley. That was just several weeks ago.

Yesterday (February 10, 2024,) this enemy of Democracy, Border Security, and paying bills on time, at a rally in South Carolina, said he would let Russia attack N.A.T.O. allies if they did not pay bills on time.

Again, this is rich coming from a person who has a record of not paying his bills, even for his campaign rallies.

He also attacked Nikki Haley’s husband, a military serviceman on duty in Africa, for not being with her at campaign events.

Where is Melania, Donald? Have you not noticed she has not been with you at any campaign or court event? MAGA voters should be worried about their American Duce’s mental capacity if he can not remember his wife is not by his side.

Yes, Joe Biden slips up. But he is clearly not unique and, despite people’s worries about his age, can vigorously defend the attacks against him. Take away the gaffe of mistaking Mexico for Egypt on Thursday, one could see the President give a stellar and, yes, passionate defense of his abilities and knowledge of events taking place around him.

Voters also need to consider what the two choices for President represent.

While he has been President, Mr. Biden has:

  • Helped rebuild the economy, emphasizing “building the middle out and lifting the bottom up.”
  • Presided over record job creation.
  • Unlike Trump, signed legislation to modernize and rebuild the nation’s infrastructure and manufacturing sector.
  • Overseen the Coronavirus vaccination efforts.
  • Appointed more minorities and women to the federal bench than his predecessors.
  • Launched the largest green economy and sustainability measures in history.
  • Helped many people (including this writer) in this country reduce their student loan debt.

While he was President, Mr. Trump:

  • Mishandled the COVID-19 Pandemic. How many Americans are dead because they listened to Donald Trump?
  • Was impeached for halting aid to Ukraine for political favors.
  • Betrayed the country by enabling the January 6 2021 Domestic Terrorist attack on the Nation’s Capitol.
  • Lied at a record rate.
  • Passed a debt-raising tax cut for the richest people and corporations.
  • Tried to take away quality and affordable health care from millions with no viable replacement in hand.
  • Killed reproductive freedom and healthcare access for millions of American women by appointing three conservatives to the Supreme Court.

Yes, Joe Biden is old.

But voters need to think about how his 81 years, character, wisdom, and experience have shaped his service to the American People compared to the disservice to the nation and its citizens his 77-year-old criminally indicted, found liable for sexual assault and business fraud, and twice impeached predecessor presided over.

There really is no debate here.

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14 thoughts on “President Biden is An Old Man: So What”

  1. Do the Democrats want a primary system or a coronation? Why are we asked to vote if the system is “rigged” almost as bad as the Russians? What happened to the “democracy” part of the Democratic Party?
    Two thirds of Dems want someone else but roadblocks are put in the way where Dean Phillips has to go to court in several states to get on the ballot.
    It’s supposed to be a primary, not a coronation.

    • Dean Phillips had New Hampshire pretty much all to himself and lost to the President whose supporters staged a write in campaign. He barely registered any support in South Carolina. I am sorry but Dean Phillips is no Eugene McCarthy or Bernie Sanders. Were you moaning and groaning this way when Bill Clinton and Barack Obama ran unopposed in their reelection campaigns? I am sure you also have the same concerns about the more rigged ways Republicans are trying to crown their 77 year old 91 time indicted twice impeached American Duce over Nikki Haley.

      • Bill Clinton and Barack Obama didn’t have cognitive limitations and were 30 years younger. And we’re popular figures. Biden has 30% approval numbers and dropping.
        Joe Biden, who I thought was the best choice when he was running in primary in 2020, was finishing down in pack until Clyburn came to his rescue.
        But now his time has past. Most any Democrat who is center left would be beating Trump by at least 10 points. Biden, with inflation dropping and the economy doing well, isn’t given any credit.
        Why? Because he doesn’t inspire confidence. Young voters, who he desperately needs, are not planning to vote in numbers he needs, even with forgiving billions in student debt.
        Hispanic and Black voters are abondoning him. Even if these voters don’t vote for Trump, they may vote 3rd party or stay home.
        I’m now a psychologist, but I can see trends and they are not going Biden’s way.
        There is time for Biden to get out of race and at least have a brokered convention with a consensus candidate chosen.
        I believe a majority of Americans would support someone in the middle or center-left. And certainly they don’t want Trump, but with the Electoral College Trump could squeak in or it could go to House where Republicans would have the advantage.
        We can’t afford to take risk. That is why I’m so opposed to Biden running.

        • Biden is going to win in by similar margins than he did in 2020. I think he can still win Arizona with McCain Republicans and Georgia. I think he has a good chance to pick up North Carolina. I think he wins Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan again.

  2. Counting on support (for Trump) to implode is not a good strategy for winning presidency with so much at stake.

  3. Biden’s cognitive ability matters because I/other thinking voters are not as concerned about this year, but the next 4 years after that. That also plays into his running mate, who is not considered a good candidate to replace him if he must step down during the term (if he is elected).

    Yes. Biden has been successful in getting important legislation passed, but so did LBJ in his first two years of his presidency. However, like LBJ, Biden’s exit from Afghanistan and LBJ’s Vietnam were disasters. And Biden’s inability to influence Netanyahu to be restrained in prosecuting the Gaza war and consider at two-state solution leaves questions about America’s role in the Middle East.

    When Biden ran in 2020 he indicated he would be a “transitional” president, which indicated he would not run for a second term and probably influenced pragmatic Republicans and conservatives to vote for him. Now we are dealing with Biden’s ego and he being the “only” person to take on Trump.

    The Democrats need a candidate, such as a Mark Warner, Josh Shapiro or Gretchen Whitmer to run who would trounce Trump and end the “Maga” fever in the majority of the Republican Party. We cannot afford to hope Biden’s poll numbers will improve enough to squeak out a victory in swing states that will likely be contested and leave the country in a weakened state.

    Joe Biden did his job as a “transitional” president who defeated Trump in 2020, but his time has passed. Fifty years in D.C. is enough and Democrats need to tell him if he really cares about the future of the country he will not run and let someone who will make a strong case that the country needs to come together in an uncertain world.

    • Did President Biden ever say he would not run for a second term? Do you think we should still be in Afghanistan? Please advise. Do you think Kamala Harris, Gretchen Whitmer, Josh Shapiro, Gavin Newsom, or Mark Warner would have anymore sway with Netanyahu than Biden? Those pragmatic conservatives are not going to be voting for Trump again especially after 91 indictments and being found liable for sexual assault and business fraud. It is better to stick with the incumbent President who has presided over a strong economy with strong character.

      • Biden all but indicated he would be a one-term president when he said he would be “transitional” and would be 82 if he ran again.

        Whether we stayed in Afghanistan or not, we left in a dysfunctional way that allowed millions of dollars of our equipment to be confiscated by the Taliban and then possibly turned off to your enemies, and has left many Afghanis who were promised they could move to the U.S. stranded.

        There is a good possibility a stronger Democratic candidate/ticket would have more sway with Netanyahu because he sees what we see: Trump has a good chance of winning. Same goes for Putin and Xi.

        Biden was late dealing with the border and now holds little possibility of fixing it. That will cost him Arizona and probably Georgia. He also has a good chance of losing Michigan.

        Why is it that Democratic leaders are sticking behind Biden when they know he is a walking disaster. Counting on support to implode is not a good strategy for winning presidency with so much as stake.

        • “Why is it that Democratic leaders are sticking behind Biden…”

          Why did they clear the way for Hillary in 2016?

          Same answer. Because they are willing to sacrifice winning political strategies in deference to their ruling elites. That’s all I see happening.

          If it had to be Biden in 2020, there should have been an ironclad agreement that he was one term. And the VP should have functioned as a co-president being groomed for 2024.
          Biden’s VP pick was used to repay Jim Clyburn for delivering SC.

          BTW, good comments.

          • Well, now it’s 2024 and the discussion about the presidential election is disintegrating into which geriatric candidate has the worst memory.

          • Ronald Reagan had his wife whispering responses to questions from the press in 1984 and won in a 49 state reelection landslide. I would like to think that the great majority of the American People would not go with the candidate that killed reproductive freedom for millions of women, mishandled COVID, did not get Mexico to pay for the wall or pass his own infrastructure bill, tried to stage a coup on January 6, has been impeached twice, lost the popular vote twice, been found liable for sexual assault and business fraud and been criminally indicted on 91 counts. Do you really see the people that crossed over to Biden in 2020 would reverse themselves, say there were wrong about Trump given all the baggage he was acquired since 2020 and giving him a second chance. Let’s get real here.

          • “Ronald Reagan had his wife whispering responses to questions from the press in 1984…”

            And didn’t Nancy end up running the country with her psychic friend/advisor? I refuse to Google that.

            David, I have no predictions for Trump v Biden except that one of them will win assuming they both make it to election day. And I sincerely hope it’s Biden.

        • Sorry. It is the Republicans who have continually obstructed on immigration reform for the last ten years that are the cause for any issues at the border. I am always curious why no one ever moans about the Northern Border with Canada. Do we have better border patrol there or no one cares about the White Canadians with drugs crossing over.

          With regards to Afghanistan, Biden stayed longer than Trump previously agreed to and it is really naive to think that once the Afghan government, that this country propped up with billions of dollars, bolted, that the situation would not turn ugly. I am amazed more than 13 American soldiers didn’t die.

          Which Democratic candidates do you feel would be better to standing up to Netanyahu? Who is this fantasy candidate? I am curious to know.

          How is Biden a walking disaster? Is it because of the Inflation Law or the CHIPs Act or the American Rescue Plan? Is it because he restored honor and decency to the White House? Is it because he has put more women and minorities on the federal bench than any other President?

          And Trump has already imploded.

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