President Biden Needs to Stop Negotiating with the McCarthy-Trump-Led MAGA-Terrorist Economic Hostage Takers

It is time for President Biden to step away from negotiating with the McCarthy-Trump-Led MAGA Terrorist Economic Hostage Takers over the debt ceiling.

It is evident from the last 24 to 48 hours in reporting from various media sources that Traitor and Trumpist Enabler Kevin I needed 15 rounds of votes to become Speaker McCarthy is more concerned with keeping the gavel even if his right-wing extremist apostates in the House, who have been openly encouraged by the twice impeached-twice indicted-twice popular vote loser-twice KKK endorsed former occupant of the Oval Office, want to throw the American and Global Economy into a tailspin if they do not get all of what they want in debt ceiling negotiations.

Need proof. According to reporting in the Washington Post (and recounted by AZ Blue Meanie,) McCarthy’s two negotiators assigned to deal with President Biden’s representatives appeared to signal that if the Democrats want to lift the debt ceiling, they need to buy their draconian cuts on domestic spending and new add on demands for F.B.I. defunding and immigration policies before a vote comes to the House floor.

These McCarthy-Trump-led MAGA Terrorist Economic Hostage Takers are so arrogant in their own stupidity and disdain for economic fundamentals that Matt How Old was She Gaetz publicly acknowledged that his party was holding the debt ceiling hostage.

It is time for President Biden to stop negotiations and address the American People and tell them what the McCarthy-Trump-led MAGA Terrorist Economic Hostage Takers are trying to do and rally support, especially for those 18 former Party of Lincoln officeholders that come from districts Biden won.

He should also tell the American People that, thanks to these McCarthty- Trump-led MAGA Terrorist Economic Hostage Takers, a default on the nation’s debts may happen and to prepare for a potentially rough economic stretch of at least a couple of weeks unless these Traitors start thinking about the good of the country instead of their Trumpist base and get serious about compromising.

Defaulting on the nation’s debt would be horrible.

Given recent comments from the MAGA Terrorists, their bait and switch my way or the highway approach may make that happen.

Unfortunately, what would be more horrible is enabling these McCarthy-Trump-led MAGA Terrorist Economic Hostage Takers because if they can get away with it now, they will try and get away with it again and again and again.

The economy would eventually recover from default.

American Democracy would die if the MAGA terrorists get their way.

President Biden needs to break this MAGA terrorist cycle before it takes firm hold. He should also invoke the 14th Amendment and use whatever strategy the Treasury can employ to make any pain less severe and forestall future debt crises like minting a five trillion dollar coin.

The Administration should also relay (if they have not already) to these traitors that when it is time for the Government to fund non-Social Security checks and security arrangements, they will prioritize payments to non-MAGA districts first when funds become available.

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3 thoughts on “President Biden Needs to Stop Negotiating with the McCarthy-Trump-Led MAGA-Terrorist Economic Hostage Takers”

  1. That’s the problem with old fossils like Biden, Feinstein and all the “stuck in the past” old farts. They wax eloquent about collegiality, civility and bi-partisanship of bygone days, not realizing the rabid mongrels in today’s government are out to destroy democracy because they don’t have a policy, philosophy or direction. The RWNJ GQP MAGA extremists just want to burn down the whole institution so they can claim “victory!”

    • I’m hoping we’re not all going to be looking back a year or two from now and thinking “maybe keeping an ancient POTUS and a senile Senator around wasn’t the best plan”.

      Like when TFG won and we realized HRC “forgot” to visit a few key states and what a train wreck the DNC was under Wasserman-Schultz.

      Suggested reading – anything about George Santos or Tom Horne.

      I’m tired of former GOP operatives like the Lincoln Project folks saying the Dems don’t play to win and them being right.

      As an old myself, it’s not ageism when I talk about Feinstein or Biden, I know senile old folks, they shouldn’t be in the Senate of the United States of America, and I know Feinstein isn’t the only one, and as far as Biden goes, let’s consider the infuriating case of RBG.

      • IMO, the best strategy for the Democrats would have been one term for Biden with a much younger VP being groomed to run for the nomination in ’24.

        But massive egos occupy the Oval Office. I never believed that Biden would be so selfless. If he’s breathing, he’s in.

        Then there’s Kamala Harris who has had zero exposure until recently and that has mostly been about abortion rights. I just don’t have a sense of her popularity outside the KHive on Twitter. She needs a lot more good press.

        If anyone other than Trump gets the GOP nomination, then ageism is surely going to be used against Biden. And they’ll add in misogyny and probably race for the woman VP.

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