President Obama’s visit to the troops in Iraq

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Mark Nickolas over at had the best coverage of President Obama's visit to the troops in Iraq.

Commander-in-Chief Indeed

Question: How much must it kill the right-wing Obama haters to see images like these coming out of Iraq today?



Hey Fox News, Terrorist Alert…

[In the event you are the only person on the planet who does not get the headline, the "fist bump" used by athletes for many years was re-branded a "terrorist fist jab" by Faux News anchor E.D. Hill Fox Anchor Calls Obama Fist Pound A "Terrorist Fist Jab". Yes, Faux News really is that malicious.]


Mark Nickolas' Blog: The President Speaks To His Troops

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  1. AzBlueMeanie

    Never has one person demonstrated such complete ignorance detached from reality as you have with your frequent hate-filled comments, Sheapenny. You are truly a disturbed individual. Get some professional help.

  2. where is the picture of Obama bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia with a 45 Degree bow at the waiste by the Kenyan President educated in Indonesia who did not visit Normandy at the invitation of the French President saying” It would be a slap at the people of Germany!!!!!!

  3. What a great bunch of photos! I would love to have been in that room.