Problem Solvers Hide Identity To Accuse #AZ02 Candidate Heinz Of Hiding His; James Rupert Murdoch Largest Contributor


FROM OUR OVER-WORKED IRONY DEPARTMENT: A centrist group that is apparently trying to hide its identity disclosed last night that it is spending $10,000 to accuse Democratic Congressional candidate Matt Heinz of hiding his positions. The group is likely supporting former Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick in this month’s primary, and its largest single donor is 21st Century Fox CEO James Rupert Murdoch.

Progress Tomorrow, Inc. filed its independent expenditure report with the Federal Election Commission last night. The spend is on digital advertising opposing Heinz. Progress Tomorrow has received all of its $1.3M in funding from two other new Super PACs – Forward Not Back and United Together.

And, they have received their funds from a variety of donors – the largest donation coming from 21st Century Fox owner James Rupert Murdoch*. (His was the only $500,000 check.) Sometime-Arizona residents Jerry Reinsdorf and Bud Selig are other large contributors.

Further, this network of Super PACs – while not dark money – seems to trace back to the No Labels group/movement. No Labels works to bring Democrats and Republicans together in Congress, and sponsors the Problem Solvers Caucus. Former Rep. Kirkpatrick was a member of the caucus during most of her time in the House representing CD1. Here is a link to the Chicago Sun Times investigation that made the connections between Progress Tomorrow & Co., and No Labels.

Their efforts to disguise the connection makes their digital ads against Heinz all the more ironic. (Bonus irony: Kirkpatrick has also been accused of being too NRA-friendly.)

* CLARIFICATION: James is actually one of Rupert’s sons. And, he has supported both R’s and D’s in the past.


  1. Two things I have to say: 1. We must realize that there are more Independent voters than Democrats in Arizona Winning a Congressional seat at the present time is very important and Centrists will attain many of those votes. It is hard to understand Rupert Murdoch supporting a centrist group of any kind especially one supporting a potential candidate that would represent the Democrats in Congress. As Ann Kirkpatrick has experience in Congress and Matt Heinz has no experience (to my knowledge) holding political office I would assume Murdoch would support Heinz as he has a lesser chance of beating his GOP opponent.
    no. 2 I received in the mail yesterday a flyer paid for by the American Healthcare Coalition which denotes it was not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. It is totally against Ann Kirkpatrick and does not address any particular healthcare related issues (though it does accuse her of “voting with Republicans to cut Medicare in order to fund tax breaks”
    Upon going into The coalition’s website, the membership includes Matt Heinz and GOP House Representative Gosar.

    • Thanks for the comment, Ronald. James is actually one of Rupert’s sons. And, he has supported both R’s and D’s in the past; he is an ideal guy for the No Labels group.

      Also, thanks for the tip about the American Healthcare Coalition. If you could send a copy to “Paul @”, that would be appreciated.

    • That’s some mighty fine sleuthing, Arizona Politics.

      Here’s something to add to the mess. Ann Kirkpatrick posted a “letter to voters” on 8-15 explaining why she had to attack Matt Heinz (“he hit me first, waaaa”). She does not apologize but states she will spend the last two weeks of the campaign “delivering my positive vision for Southern Arizona.”

      After weeks of various attack ads going back and forth between Kirkpatrick and Heinz (with Kirkpatrick in the lead for the most attacks), what is sorely lacking is a poll giving us some clue as to how all the CD2 candidates stand with likely voters going into the primary. That would be good to know.

      • Above comment misplaced, not intended as a reply to Ronald Cohen.

        However, in reply to Ronald Cohen, Matt Heinz was a member of the Arizona House of Representatives from the 29th district (January 12, 2009 – January 4, 2013).

        This kind of information is readily available on Wikipedia.

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