Problems contacting BlogForArizona? Do This!


By Michael Bryan

We just installed a new SSL certificate, which provides our readers with better security when logging on to BlogForArizona. Unfortunately, it also means that you may have to clear your cache in order to get on the site if you have been visiting us before the update.

In most browsers this is an option in your preferences. Simply go to the application, File, or View menu (it varies by browser) and choose preferences. Look for the option to “clear your browser cache”. This may be in the security tab, or may be under advanced settings. This will clear out saved pages and allow you to get back into the site. Some browsers allow you  to clear the cache of a particular site and they are listed alphabetically; in which case you need only clear the cache for BlogForArizona.

Sorry about any frustration or inconvenience this causes you. Please know that we made this update to protect our readers from malware and snooping eyes, and to ensure that you can continue to find our blog through Google and other major search engines, who are soon requiring all sites to have valid SSL certs to list our pages in their results.