Proof Positive Ducey is Pure Scum


You can tell a lot about a person by the company he keeps.

That’s certainly the case with Doug Ducey: Sean Noble; Joe Arpaio; Cathi Herrod.  You get the picture.

But you can tell even more by what he does or, in this case, fails to do.

We’ve all either seen the Republican Governors’ Association ad that blames DuVal for tuition increases at our state universities, or read about it. If not, check out Laurie Roberts here.  The level of deceit is stratospheric. Anyone who knows the Republican legislature slashed funding for universities by over $400 million gets that. Blaming DuVal for the tuition hikes is like blaming the docs in Ferguson for being unable to bring Michael Brown back to life. In a just society, anyone who participated in the funding and/or production of the ad would be required to go through life with “sleazebag” tattooed on his forehead.

Enter Ducey. Any candidate with a shred of decency would have immediately, reflexively, and very publicly denounced the ad. Instead, he’s said nothing newsworthy, as far as I could tell. Heck, it doesn’t even appear that he’s been asked to comment. Why? Because like too many pols, he’ll take a win any way he can. The same way he took a profit any way he could at Coldstone Creamery. Even if it meant destroying the lives of franchisees.

Which explains why he’s sold his soul to Cathi Herrod, Joe Arpaio and Sean Noble.

Pure scum.

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Bob Lord
Bob is a tax and business lawyer who had given up on politics until deciding to run for Congress in 2008 (CD3), when he tried to unseat John Shadegg. He since has returned to his law practice and golf addiction. Bob has been writing for Blog For Arizona since late 2011, concentrating mostly on federal issues, with an occasional foray into Arizona state politics.


  1. Isn’t he also getting help from Nathan Sproul the convicted voter registration criminal?

    • Sproul has been investigated numerous times, but has never been convicted. He has friends in high places.

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