Proposed constitutional amendment is a Trojan Horse attack on the AIRC


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I previously posted about SCR 1003 (.pdf), a resoution which would refer a legislative ballot measure to the ballot that requires "the reauthorization of statewide initiative and referendum measures that create funds for public monies, dedicate public monies to a specific purpose or otherwise effect state General Fund (GF) revenues or expenditures."

Note that this reauthorizaton is not for all citizens initiative and referendum measures, just the ones the legislature does not like — the ones that require the legislature to spend money on priorites decided by the voters, like heath care and education. This is the teabaggers' "I hate the Voter Protection Act" (Prop. 105 -1998) measure to undermine Prop. 105. The reauthorization applies retroactively to all specified statewide initiative and referendum measures approved on or after November 3, 1998.

The teabaggers want the opportunity to revisit and to reverse the laws that the citizens of Arizona enacted as a super-legislature exercising the powers reserved to the citizens under the Arizona Constitution and exercising their constitutional right to citizen initiative and referendum. This reauthorization provision would give opponents a second bite at the apple after seven (7) years. It would invite a perpetual campaign that seeks to undermine the legitimacy of laws enacted by the voters. The teabaggers are demonstrating their utter disdain for your constitutional rights and for democracy.

Trojan-horse-canakkale-bigIn the committee hearing on this bill, it was argued that this measure would also apply to the citizens initiative that created the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission (AIRC) because it requires state funding. This bill is thus a Trojan Horse to attack the AIRC. Arizona senator wants to force revote on public measures that use, collect public funds:

On a party-line vote Tuesday, the Senate Elections Committee approved a proposed constitutional amendment that would mandate a revote every eight years of any measure that spends or collects public dollars.

SCR 1003, which now needs Senate action, would have to be ratified by voters in November to take effect.

* * *

Sen. Chester Crandell, R-Heber, said anything with money should be reviewed.

That includes items ranging from a voter-approved tax on cigarettes to fund health care for the working poor to a requirement to boost state aid to schools every year to match inflation.

Even the decision by voters to take from lawmakers the power to draw legislative and congressional lines would be affected, because the Independent Redistricting Commission gets public funds.

These Tea-Publicans are shameless in their constant assaults on your constitutional right to citizens initiaitives and referendums, their disregard for the will of the voters, and their utter disdain for democracy. Not one of these Tea-Publicans should be elected to office.

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