Provisional ballot voters can check the status of ballots

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

H/T The Arizona Republic. Provisional voters can check status of ballots:

Voters who had to cast provisional ballots on Election Day can check to see whether their vote counted.

The information will be available on the Arizona Secretary of State's
Office website as counties tabulate and process provisional ballots:

Provisional ballot voters must enter the number on the receipt they were given to check their statuses.

However, that information may not be posted for several days.

Maricopa County will post its provisional-ballot statuses online at the website

Pima County, provisional-ballot statuses may be available online as early as today at

Voters also can call the voter-registration office at 520-724-4330.

Voters in smaller counties should call their recorder's or elections offices to inquire about their statuses.

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