Quayle Hunt: Democrat Jon Hulburd in hot race

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Press release from the Jon Hulburd campain:

[Last] Tuesday night, Ben Quayle was elected as the Republican nominee for Congressional District Three. More Republicans voted against him than voted for him – and his nomination has upped the ante.

In Democrat Jon Hulburd, we have a candidate who has lived in the district for decades, raised a family, volunteered in the community, run a business and served honorably on the board of the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Meanwhile, Ben Quayle bought his house in the district 9 months ago, mailed misleading brochures to make it look like he had children, received 75% of his funding from out of state and has an ever-changing story regarding his ties to a racy sex website.

Since Quayle became the nominee, we have received a flood of new volunteers and pledges of support. While Quayle represents the money-driven Washington establishment, Jon truly represents our community. Local and national news is paying attention and Jon has been receiving lots of positive press, check out this story that ran on ABC 15 News last night:

To learn more about Jon Hulburd and to volunteer for his campaign or to contribute, please visit Hulburd for Congress: New direction, strong future.

One response to “Quayle Hunt: Democrat Jon Hulburd in hot race

  1. Interestingly, this hot race is one where the Green Party *has* endorsed the write-in candidate who won in the primary. Will a Green candidate take away votes from Mr. Hurlburd and possibly throw the election to Mr. Quayle?Any thoughts on that?