Questions for Martha McSally: Will you ever come out from hiding in the bunker?


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

In this new series, "Questions for Martha McSally," we pose questions to
the McSally campaign about her positions on current hot topics — I am
not going to give her a free pass until after the GOP primary like our local media did in 2012.

I previously posted back at the end of September, Questions for Martha McSally: Government shutdown and default on the national debt. I'm still waiting for a reply.

Alex Seitz-Wald at the National Journal has taken notice of the point that this blog has been driving home in this series of posts for months: Martha McSally refuses to answer substantive questions from the media. Shutting Down the Government Over Obamacare Is the New Obamacare:

ChickenbunkerIt's happening in southern Arizona, where Republican candidate Martha
McSally "wouldn't take a stand [on the shutdown] despite multiple
requests for her position from The Republic, Arizona Daily Star, Green Valley News/Sahuarita Sun and KVOI-AM (1030)," as the Arizona Republic reported this month. "She would say only that the shutdown is 'a failure of leadership,' " the paper's Rebekah Sanders added.

While the Arizona political media is falling all over itself today to report McSally's fund raising for the previous quarter, the Tucson Weekly takes pains to note that McSally is still avoiding answering any substantive questions from the media. CD2: McSally Outraises Barber Over the Last Three Months:

Rodd McLeod, a political strategist working for Team Barber, took a shot at McSally's tendency to duck questions from the press.

"At a time when our country has been brought to the brink of
financial disaster by Washington Republicans, Martha McSally should be
honest with Arizonans on how she'd address the issues we face, rather
than hiding behind campaign press releases," McLeod said via email.

McLeod tells The Range that Barber raised $318,584 in the third quarter and had $767,203 in the bank as of Sept. 30.

If there's any doubt that the campaign battle is already on, a source
with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee tells The Range
that the DCCC will be using automated phone calls to connect voters with
McSally's campaign HQ to berate her because she "refuses to disown
Washington Republican's shutdown."

And then there is this tweet from Tim Steller at the Arizona Daily Star who has also noted that McSally is still avoiding answering any substantive questions from the media.

Screenshot from 2013-10-17 12:32:00

You know, Ms. McSally, I was really tempted to tag you with the "McChicken" label, but it is a trademark of McDonald's Restaurants, so who needs that kind of grief from its corporate lawyers?

I have never seen a candidate so controlled by handlers and so afraid of answering substantive questions from the media. I have speculated previously "it is painfully obvious that Martha McSally is a vacuous candidate who
does not know enough about any subject to offer a thoughtful and
detailed explanation of her positions. So she continues to hide in the
bunker and refuses to offer any detailed explanations of her positions."

It comes as no surprise that her campaign web site
Martha McSally for Congress 2014 does not even have an issues section. You can "Contact Martha" to ask her the questions that we have been posting here and see whether she will answer your questions. Do not settle for her empty platitudes, bumper sticker slogans, and ad hominem attacks on President Obama. Demand substantive answers.

Voters in Congressional District 2 have the right to know your positions
on current hot topics, Ms. McSally. Feel free to answer these questions
by posting a comment. You can only hide so long before the truth wins out.