Radio talk show host John C. Scott about Local Politics on KVOI 1030 AM “The Voice”


Long time radio political talk show host John C. Scott is back.  He’s now broadcasting on KVOI 1030 AM on the dial, on Saturdays from 4 to 6 p.m. This past Saturday, April 14 he interviewed our own Blog for Arizona blogger attorney/journalist Larry Bodine. Listen to that show here.


“My first hour guests included Michelle Urbina, program coordinator at the UWTSA , Jeff Rogers, Tucson Attorney / Contributor, Larry Bodine, Journalist – Blog for Arizona”
His previous shows are archived now online at his website:

John started re-broadcasting on April 7 at this new venue.  Prior to this he was online at Tucson Progressive Media for several months since Nov. 2017, and previously, on various other radio stations, which I have reported on in the past.

If you as a listener want to call in to the show, the phone# is 520-790-2440.

Good luck with your new show John and producer Matt Laos. John’s son Mark Ulm is also helping with the website.


  1. John’s April 21 show in 2 segments:

    He interviewed Bruce Ash (RNC committeeman), LD 2 Senator Andrea Dalessandro (D), TEA President Jason Freed in first hour; then CD 2 Dem candidate Dr. Matt Heinz, ret. Delta pilot Benny White, and Vail SD Superintendent Calvin Baker in the 2nd hour.

  2. Here’s a comment from blogger Larry Bodine on the recent Kysten Sinema post about reader Wileybud : “Wileybud accused a candidate of threatening to kill people and taking bribes, and he linked to a blood-spattered picture of the candidate. He copied and pasted hateful screed and posted it as his own comment, which violated our editorial discretion for posting comments.”

    • Thanks to Larry Bodine for removing the outrageous accusations against Kyrsten Sinema. This kind of trash spreads like wildfire on the Internet. There are sites that welcome such fiction, for those who wish to promulgate it. Thanks for keeping Blog for Arizona out of the Infowars gutter.

      • But isn’t it a shame that Mr. Bodine can’t delete Kyrsten Sinema’s vote to decimate the Social Security Trust Fund?

        And that statement didn’t come from the “Infowars gutter”, it came from the House of Representatives.

        • Clarification…

          WB inserted part the blog post from They were not his words.

        • Now that I think about it, I suppose it could be argued that the House of Representatives is a gutter, of sorts.

        • Remove Kyrsten Sinema’s name and plug in any politician’s name. If any politician is falsely accused of threatening to kill people and taking bribes, shouldn’t such baseless claims be removed rather than be spread, by this website?

          • Well, that isn’t what I would call an accurate description of what the blogger said. He was actually being facetious. I’m using that word with precision so I’m going to include the definition (I am not being condescending):

            treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant.
            synonyms: flippant, flip, glib, frivolous, tongue-in-cheek, ironic, sardonic, joking, jokey, jocular, playful, sportive, teasing, mischievous;

            Debbie, I don’t read that blog. And I would not argue that the author of that post didn’t go over the top. I think his judgement might have been impaired by his hatred for Ms. Sinema.

            So let’s agree it was inappropriate. And I think WB posted it here because he hates Ms. Sinema as much as the downwithtyranny blogger.

            But if WB has been blacklisted from this blog, then that response is over the top as well. As FSNT said, “A warning would be nice”.

            That’s really the point.

      • Also, I saw the comment by WB before it was deleted. He inserted some of the text from a blog post at and provided the link. They were his words, not WB’s.

        I think the point WB was making is that progressives in Ms. Sinema’s district do, in fact, hate her guts. Until recently, I wasn’t aware of the extent to which this is true. And it is probably going to be a BIG PROBLEM in her Senate race, the one in which she has already been declared the winner before the primary.

  3. Liza, I’m not blacklisting anyone unless the reader uses racist or hate speech or offensive, vulgar statements. Not sure if anything is “going on” but some comments do go into spam automatically.

    • Carolyn,
      I knew it wasn’t you which is why I posted on your post. I am sorry, I never intended to insinuate by posting here that it was you blacklisting people.

      I don’t have a WordPress blog and I don’t know how that is accomplished, by IP address or what. But whatever it is, it is only partially successful based on my testing.

      You may not be aware that after Wileybud disappeared, Tom thought he was blacklisted. I didn’t think so until yesterday when I couldn’t post comments.

      So people are either being blacklisted by your fellow bloggers or there is something else wrong.

      This comment probably won’t post either. My 12:59 PM comment didn’t post, you must have found it in spam.

      Anyhow, thanks for digging it out. I just wanted to let FSNT know his suspicions appear to be correct.

    • I just noticed another one of my comments, posted under a different name) on another post that originally went into “awaiting moderation” has now appeared.

      • Each blogger is autonomous on this website and can delete their own reader’s comments, if they feel they are inappropriate, etc. As I said I only moderate the ones which was offensive, vulgar, hate speech, racist, and name calling — but other bloggers have their own standards. We are talking about guidelines for Blog for Arizona commenters. Hopefully everyone can remain civil on this website. Thanks.

  4. For Sure Not Tom,
    I can’t figure out what is going on with this blog.

    I replied to you maybe 5 or 6 times on Cartoon of the Week yesterday and on this post. All of those comments go into cyberspace as “Liza” or awaiting moderation if I change the name.

    Then I post the YouTube link to “Bye Bye Bye” on “Blog for Arizona Returns to Health” and it posts successfully.

    So is this incomplete blacklisting or some other problem?

    And I think “censored” is the original, not Jake.

    It would be interesting if they are blacklisting people after years and years of tolerating rightwing trolls.

    Well, it’s their blog.

    BTW, I’ve tried to post this comment about five times.

    • I would guess that there’s a “sync” issue with the blog, not something AZ or anyone posting can control. But that’s just a guess. A big website like WordPress has thousands of servers working together and sometimes things get messed up.

      That would be a separate issue from being blacklisted.

      Wileybud was clearly blacklisted by the poster of the Sinema blog entry. I’ve been looking for him and he’s never been gone this long.

      Blacklisting good liberals is the kind of behavior that got HRC lost in the woods and Trump elected.

      I started posting comments because comments are the lifeblood of blogs like this. People want to be part of the discussion, and I wanted to show support for the work AZ and the rest were doing.

      But if Wileybud, a great supporter of this blog gets black listed for being a real progressive, then I’m about done here.

      • Yeah, I know there can be problems with synchronization. In trying to figure this out, I made several attempts to post a comment on different blog posts (by different bloggers at different times of the day), most resulting in failure which would seem to eliminate synchronization issues. Also, the problem started Sunday and continued yesterday but hasn’t occurred like this before. It seems to indicate that something has changed.

        Yeah, the blogger who posted the Sinema entry clearly did not like Wileybud’s comment and I suspect he also didn’t like my rant about her (symbolic) vote to decimate the Social Security Trust Fund (for which she has not yet offered an explanation).

      • Okay, so that posted. Now for the real test. Should I try to comment on Mr. Bodine’s new post about Ann Kirkpatrick?

        Ha ha…

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