Rally to Stop Trumpcare on Tuesday – Tucson (Updated)


Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.) said “if it takes a Democrat” to explain House Republicans’ healthcare bill, he’s willing to do it. House Democrat offers to hold town halls for Republicans:

Maybe a Democrat ought to go into every district where a Republican who supported TrumpCare won’t hold a town hall meeting, and do it for them,” he said during an interview on MSNBC.

“I think every Republican who voted for this thing ought to have to stand in front of their voters and explain it,” Maloney said.

“And if it takes a Democrat to go in and do it for them for a while, I’ll explain what’s in this bill, and if he doesn’t like it, he should stand up and explain it himself.”

Congressman Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) has taken up his challenge and he will hold a town hall in Tucson to explain the vote of Rep. Martha “Let’s get this fucking thing done!” McSally, the “cowardly lion” who is cowering in her chicken bunker too afraid to stand before her constituents to explain her vote to take away your health care. See op-ed by Dr. Matt Heinz, Martha McSally wrong on repeal of health law.

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What: Rally to Stop Trumpcare

When: Tuesday, May 9, 6:30 p.m. (doors open at 6:00 p.m.)

Where: Rincon High School, 421 N. Arcadia Avenue (5th Street and Swan Road), Tucson, AZ


UPDATE: I warned you that this was coming during the congressional recess: Save My Care, a progressive health care advocacy group, is launching a six-figure ad campaign targeting 24 House Republicans who voted for their party’s health care legislation last week. Here is a link to the ad “Disastrous: McSally” targeting Rep. Martha McSally.

“McSally voted to raise your costs and cut coverage for millions, to let insurance companies deny affordable coverage for cancer treatment and maternity care, and charge five times more for people over 50,” the narrator in the 30-second spot says.

“McSally voted yes even though the bill makes ‘coverage completely unaffordable to people with pre-existing conditions,’” the narrator says, citing the AMA.

The narrator closes the ad by asking, “Congresswoman McSally, how could you do this to us?”

NB: I understand that Indivisible is holding “die ins” at GOP congressional offices throughout Arizona this week. The “die in” at Rep. McSally’s office, 4400 E. Broadway Blvd., Tucson is scheduled for Wednesday, May 10 at 5:00 p.m. If you have more or updated information about the “die ins,” please post the information and a link in the comments.


  1. And so the great capitalistic society struggles with itself. Providers should be able to set the prices they earn, Insurance companies have their living standards too. And Likewise all associated in this pool have a lifestyle and interest to protect and they need to do it with dollars mined from the citizens of this country with impunity. Now, in some cases, you can see education going the same route, “give us more money” we deserve it by golly! Come one come all set your prices for the services you offer the great capitalistic economic system will serve you well. Or destroy you by slowest means possible.
    It seems other first world countries have figured out there are some aspects of being a living breathing human being that should not be offered up as meat for the table for personal gain. After all isn’t that behavior frequently found in third world nations around the world.
    So this leaves the USA to be a divided nation of first, second and third world people struggling for those things that are basic to human existence, and we don’t have the intellect or heart in our leaders to do what is humanly right. But we can sure tout human rights to other nations around the world. And our leaders can pound their chest and say “we are the most powerful and greatest country on earth” We don’t need to follow examples by thinkers in other countries.
    At some point this lack of thinking about how to properly take steps to improve our system of health care could completely crumble damaging millions in more ways than just financially.
    This country seems to have the neediest wealthy people in the world, our current politicians are serving their interest well as usual. twenty minutes of just looking at the long term graphs of these publically held health care companies shows a steady ramp upward, and I am sure it’s still not enough for them. Perhaps when we return to a feudal system they will run out of options, they will have it all and will have to figure out something else to fill that greed void.
    So we have changed over the past fifty years to a country that has money to a country money has. Without setting down differences, shifting values and working together in a civil manner it will only get worse. And SHAME ON YOU, Martha McSally, as you have just become another Lemming for the Koch brothers, (and the like) supporting GOP destructive policies for personal gain. It is so obvious. JMHO

  2. ObamaCare has driven up healthcare costs so that average annual expenditures for a family of four have reached $25,826 a year, which is close to half of all of their income. As a nation, the U.S. is now expending more than $3 trillion per year on its healthcare system, an amount greater than the entire GDP of the United Kingdom.

    Despite spending more both as individuals and as a nation, there isn’t enough money to pay care providers. Who or what is siphoning off trillions of healthcare dollars that we need to get medical care when and where we need it?

    The culprit is ObamaCare-created jobs that expanded healthcare bureaucracy at the expense of health care service. ObamaCare made the healthcare system so complex and confusing that the law created a whole new class of healthcare bureaucrats called navigators. The Patient Navigator Program is Section 3510 of the Affordable Care Act. Navigators are hired to help us find our way through the maze they laughingly call a healthcare system. That system is an unworkable administrative and regulatory nightmare supposedly designed to facilitate the simplest of all transactions: doctor cares for patient; patient pays doctor, period.

    In 1991, research showed that 31 percent of all U.S. healthcare spending went to federal bureaucracy, administration, rules, regulations, and compliance (BARRC.) A subsequent report suggested that BARRC consumed a higher number, 40 percent. Both of these estimates were made before ObamaCare bent the spending curve upward, spending more than $2 trillion (with a “t”) simply to extend and enlarge healthcare BARRC.

    Where do all those healthcare dollars go—money that is desperately needed to pay providers? It is being consumed by those shiny new administrative jobs, hundreds of thousands of them. When someone crows about all the jobs that former President Obama’s namesake law created, calmly explain how those jobs hurt all Americans.

    Don’t count your chickens yet. Who knows, the truth may come out.

    • Are any of those healthcare dollars you’re looking for going toward insurance company profits?

      Is it possible insurance companies are obligated to provide a ROI to their shareholders BEFORE providing those healthcare dollars you’re looking for?

      And do you consider it immoral to profit from the misery of others?

      In 2015, UnitedHealth Group CEO Stephen J. Hemsley received $66.13 million in compensation, and he never so much as put a band aid on a skinned knee.

      Do you think Stephen J. Hemsley is an immoral man profiting off an immoral system?

      Do you think consumer “choice” in the form of various healthcare “plans” that do not cover actual healthcare costs are a scam?

      Do you think my autistic niece, having a pre-existing condition since birth, should be excluded from ever getting health insurance?

      You’re still a discredited and disgraced former politician who has been investigated for election irregularities, you spread mis-information and conspiracy theories, and you accuse thousands of people of crimes without ever offering proof, which I believe is a crime in itself.

      There is a marketplace of ideas, and then there are people like you who flood that marketplace with BS and reduce it to a sewer.

      You have no credibility.

    • Seems like that’s because it’s going into the pockets of insurance company shareholders, executives, big pharma and their lobbyists, and so forth. The typical private insurer has overhead of 15-20% just internally. Medicare has administrative expenses of about 3%. And a lot of that other overhead is because the typical doctor has to spend multiple hours every week fighting with insurers and other payment organizations because each and every one of them has different forms to file and systems to navigate – a system marred by very real diseconomies of scope within the payment provision ‘industry’. Not to mention lower bargaining power as a direct result of ‘competition’, since smaller payment providers have lower bargaining power.

      Every dollar that Martin Shkreli and his ilk within the administrative & C-suite sector siphon off in rent-seeking behavior is a dollar that can’t go toward paying doctors.

      And please, try harder. The information in health care pricing is so lopsidedly asymmetric (on both sides) that there are going to be serious market failures in the absence of some sort of regulation . I’m not going to be so bold as to claim that what we have is great – I’d prefer single-payer, or perhaps a German style system in the vein of Medicare Part A for all with optional buy-ins and a system of private insurance for those who choose otherwise or wish to supplement that buy-in. And yes, that means repealing the ludicrous provision which forbids Medicare from negotiating prescription drug prices.

      The ACA is the conservative option – modeled off a 1990’s proposal from the Heritage Foundation and Massachusetts’s RomneyCare initiative. Perhaps the conservative way of addressing medical coverage wasn’t quite up to the task after all.

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