Apparently the “new normal” is for presidential candidates to announce that they are running in April before an election year. For those of you Ready For Hillary Clinton for President 2016, your wait is almost over.

ReadyPosterPOLITICO Tiger Beat on The Potomac reported on April 3 that Team Clinton has signed a lease for a campaign headquarters in New York. Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn. The reason why this is significant:

Having the ink dry on the lease indicates that Clinton’s official announcement will be coming very soon. Federal Election Commission rules state that a candidate has only 15 days between conducting campaign activities and filing the official 2016 paperwork, and the lease signing could start the clock on an official launch.

Tiger Beat’s unnamed “insider source” (of course) did not provide the date on which the lease was inked, but suffice it to say that this puts the deadline by the end of next week.

All the media villagers are currently upset with Team Clinton for not having yet announced exactly when she will announce her campaign launch. As if their world will come to an end if they do not know right now.

Media villagers can’t find their own ass with a map and a flashlight. What two events are on the calendar next week?

April 15 is Tax Day, so that’s not it. The right-wing anti-government anti-tax zealots have pretty much locked down that day for their childish T.E.A. Party histrionics.

So here is a clue media villagers: Tuesday, April 14 is National Equal Pay Day, a day to reflect how far into the current year many women must work to earn as much as their white male counter parts earned in the previous year. Comedian Sarah Silverman recently released a video  for the Ask4More campaign that’s timed to National Equal Pay Day on April 14. Sarah Silverman joins fight for equal pay for women.  Do you know what else is timed to National Equal Pay Day on April 14?

Hillary Clinton would be the first female president of the United States, and her presidential campaign will focus heavily on economic issues important to women voters. I would expect a formal press announcement very soon. You can wait media villagers, your world is not coming to an end.

UPDATE: Rats, I had Tuesday in the pool! Guess what day and time Hillary Clinton will make her 2016 announcement! Team Clinton plans a “soft opening” with a video message on Sunday, followed by visits to early primary states next week. New York Times: Hillary Clinton to Announce 2016 Run for President on Sunday; The Washington Post: Clinton to launch presidential bid on Sunday; CNN: Hillary Clinton to announce 2016 bid Sunday with video.