Recall of Crazy Uncle Joe Arpaio Half-Way to Signature Goal


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At the Respect Arizona Recall Sheriff Joe Arpaio event last night, it was announced that they are half-way to their signature collection goal. Stephen Lemons of the Phoenix New Times reports, Joe Arpaio Recall Boasts 169,283 Valid Signatures, 166,034 More Needed by May 30:

Close to 1,000 people jammed the Painter's Union Hall in Phoenix
Thursday to hear the news that the recall of Sheriff Joe Arpaio so far
has scored more than half the signatures required to force a recall
election on the octogenarian despot.

Part rally, part seminar, the meeting was organized by the Arpaio recall group Respect Arizona, which, earlier in the day, announced that it had "less than 200,000" signatures left to gather by the May 30 deadline.

During the meeting, Respect Arizona's
campaign manager Lilia Alvarez told attendees that the group now had
169,283 signatures in the bank, with 166,034 remaining to collect in the
next 55 days.

She later confirmed to me that those 169,283 signatures were verified
as being from qualified Maricopa County electors. She estimated that
the group had collected a gross of about 20 percent more than that.

The task before Respect Arizona is doable but daunting. In the
remaining 55 days, volunteer signature-gatherers will have to acquire
about 3,020 signatures per day.

As intimidating a number as that may seem, if each person present in
the union hall tonight were to get three to five valid signatures a day,
Respect Arizona could turn in 335,317 valid signatures to county
elections by the cut-off date.

Randy Parraz, president of Citizens for a Better Arizona,
the group that recalled former state Senate President Russell Pearce,
pumped up the crowd, telling them that it takes only 25 seconds on
average to sign a petition.

"Twenty-five seconds for justice. Can we make that happen in Maricopa County?" asked Parraz.

The crowd responded with a roar. Parraz barreled on, as if leading a revival meeting.

"No one's going to come and do it for you. No one's going to deliver
justice for you," preached Parraz. "If you all don't embrace this
campaign, we lose."

* * *

A number of elected officials and candidates for office also were on
hand, including Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox, state
Senator Steve Gallardo, Arizona House Minority Leader Chad Campbell,
Phoenix city council candidates David Lujan and Lawrence Robinson, and
state Representative Andrew Sherwood.

Join the effort to remove Joe Arpaio from office.

Respect Arizona

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