Recall them all – Fight the Stupid!

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The other day I suggested that a recall should be initiated against anyone who signed on as a cosponsor of the "birther" bill by Rep. Judy Burges (R-Skull Valley) beginning with the "birther queen" herself. (Flashback) New Rule: Mental Competency Exams for Politicians:

The voters of this state should not have to suffer the ignorance of anyone who sponsors this bill. Enough is enough. Just pull the paperwork for a recall of anyone who signs on as a cosponsor of this birther queen's bill. Send a statement that "We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!" It's time that we use the constitutional remedy of recall to fight the stupid.

Since then, Somos Republicans has initiated a recall of Sen. Russell Pearce for his offensive — and patently unconstitutional — "anchor baby" bill, Russell Pearce Recall Paperwork Filed by Anti-Pearce Group, and Tommi Pryor, a Chandler resident, has initiated a statewide recall of Gov. Jan Brewer for "gross mismanagement'' of state finances. Chandler resident files papers to recall Brewer.

Despite this, the "birther queen" went ahead and filed her "birther" bill anyway. 41 Republicans cosponsored her "birther" bill, signifying that they are so delusional as to be mentally incompetent to perform the functions and duties of their office.

The Tucson Weekly has the list of 41 cosponsors. Recall them all, beginning with the "birther queen" herself, Judy Burges. Enough is enough. Fight the Stupid! The 41 Arizona Legislators Who Still Want to See Obama's Birth Certificate:

[B]elow the cut is a list of the Arizona legislators who are sponsoring HB 2544, which will require the all of the following for presidental and vice-presidental candidates:

* * *

Worth noting, possibly, is the list of House Republicans who are not currently sponsoring the bill (no Democrat is a sponsor): Speaker Kirk Adams, Cecil P. Ash, Kate Brophy McGee, Heather Carter, Steve Court, Tom Forese, Russ Jones, Frank Pratt, Amanda Reeve, Bob Robson, Michelle Ugenti, Ted Vogt, Jerry Weiers, and Vic Williams. The Senate Republicans who are not sponsors: Nancy Barto, Rich Crandall, Alan Driggs, John McCormish, Michele Reagan.


Brenda Barton
Judy Burges
Chester Crandell
Jeff Dial
Karen Fann
Eddie Farnsworth
John Fillmore
Doris Goodale
David M. Gowan, Sr.
Rick Gray
Jack W. Harper
Peggy Judd
John Kavanagh
Debbie Lesko
Nancy McLain
Javan "JD" Mesnard
Steve B. Montenegro
Justin Olson
Terri Proud
Carl Seel
David Burnell Smith
David W. Stevens
Steve Urie
Jim Weiers
Kimberly Yee


Sylvia Allen
Frank Antenori
Andy Biggs
Scott Bundgaard
Ron Gould
Linda Gray
Gail Griffin
Lori Klein
Al Melvin
Rick Murphy
John Nelson
Russell Pearce
Steve Pierce
Don Shooter
Steve Smith
Steve Yarbrough

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  1. The Arizona bill as it stands would have disqualified just about every US President in history. Jimmy Carter was the first who could have met the “name of the hospital” requirement. Forget Thomas Jefferson who was a dual citizen of France and Dwight Eisenhower of Germany. Let’s not forget Arizona’s own John McCain was born a dual citizen of Panama.

  2. Correction, Bess…the short version AZ, the Hate State. This morning I read that the legislature is proposing the most liberal gun rights law in all the 50 states. They have learned NOTHING.While the state is grappling with a huge deficit and have had services for its people cut to the bone already, these yahoos think that discussions about increasing gun rights,birther bills,and killing transplant patients is tops on the list of issues to tackle. They are an incompetient mess!We need to recall ALL the stupid, and start from scratch. However it sure would be nice for the people of AZ to pay attention to the crap these guys spew BEFORE they cast a ballot, and not just settle for the ” R” behind their names!Those cuts to education are really paying off…a stupid, ignorant electorate is just what they rely on. So far, so good, huh? What we need is the “Wake Up Arizona” party…my head hurts.

  3. Example for those wanting to recall Gov. Brewer for “gross mismanagement” of state finances. Her budget still includes 6 million dollars to subsidize history museums which hardly anyone visits. Why? To support her pet pork project, the 5C Arizona Centennial Museum. In the midst of a financial crisis, the Governor will not give up her new toy. That is gross “misleadership”.

  4. I have a new state motto.

    Arizona: No idea too crazy to legislate.

  5. Editorial correction:
    Rep. Judy Burges (R-NUMskull Valley)

  6. This needs to be front/center to voters. Can’t trust media to report on this. Hold general election today – and see what results we get.
    Also, Karl Rove is still major shareholder of largest electronic voting machine manufacturer – need fact check and stay on top of this.

  7. I stumbled upon this diary and thought that it was a pretty good synopsis of what the batsh*t crazy man is all about.Would be a happy day in AZ if we got rid of this man…there are so many of them running this state or in positions of power, that it literally makes my head spin.One loon at a time…