RedforEd March and Rally has huge turnout on Thursday, organizers vow to return on Friday


At the start of the march at 11:00 a.m., Phoenix police in an unofficial estimate said there were roughly 30,000 people at #red4ed walkout march, saying it spans at least 1.5 miles. Police later said they are not releasing official estimates.

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While Phoenix police are not releasing an official count of the crowd size at the march and the Capitol rally, Phoenix Councilwoman Kate Gallego tweeted that police had told her the crowd was at about 50,000.


The crowd filled the entire Capitol lawn, overflowing into Wesley Bolin Plaza and the surrounding streets.

At 1:30 p.m., organizers announced they would be ending the event early due to the heat, which hit 95 degrees. There were reports of people collapsing from the heat.

Organizers announced they will return to the Capitol at 10 a.m. Friday.

There will be no march tomorrow, just a rally at the Capitol.

Organizers vowed that the crowd would return tomorrow and continue to make its statement.

h/t complied from The Arizona Republic live reports.




  1. Speaking of Friday, thousands of teachers/supporters in a sea of red in downtown Tucson at the corner of E. Congress x Granada, outside the State Building. Ran into a few activist friends, former teachers and even candidate Leila Counts, running for TUSD Governing Bd. They say they will continue into next week demonstrating at this intersection. Lots of public support via car/truck/Big Rig honking.

  2. Agreed, Barry:) And how about THIS?

    Rep. Noel Campbell, R-Prescott, introduced the bill that would create a new vehicle registration fee dedicated to funding highway patrol at the state Department of Public Safety.

    “Nobody enjoys raising taxes, of course not,” he said during a hearing on the plan. “But you know the condition of the roads and bridges and infrastructure in this state.”

    Yet we can’t raise taxes 1 penny for schools and teachers! The stealing of billions from public education in this state is a feature not a bug to the Republicans in this state. It ends now or in November.

  3. Drove downtown today for errands, saw the impressive sea of red everywhere.
    Also noted this week ADOT overhead warning of “Pollution Advisory”
    and saw first hand the great yellow cloud hanging over the metro area,
    and media reports that Gov. approved tax breaks for coal companies,
    apparently AZ budget is satisfactorily funded to allow support for coal and pollution, in State with greatest resource of clean solar power-
    this has to stop- no more ADOT warning signs should be allowed!-

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