Redistricting Update: Pearce names Richard Stertz to Redistricting Commission

By Craig McDermott, cross-posted from Random Musings

From the Arizona Daily Star, written by Rhonda Bodfield -

Senate President Russell Pearce picked Pima County Republican Richard Stertz to serve as the third member of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission.

Stertz, who runs a faith-based organization geared toward getting churches more involved in the community, won out over Benny White, another Tucson Republican. The commission is charged with redrawing political boundaries using new census figures.

Stertz, who had some late taxes and some earlier civil litigation that was not disclosed on his application, was placed into the mix after Pearce and House Speaker Kirk Adams challenged some members of the initial selection.

The "late taxes" and other "civil litigation" that weren't disclosed by Stertz on his application are just a wee bit more significant than Bodfield's single subordinate clause would indicate.

From the Arizona Republic, written by Mary Jo Pitzl –

A candidate on Senate President Russell Pearce's short list for a committee to redraw Arizona's political boundaries failed to disclose tax liens and court judgments against him, although such disclosure is required.

Rick Stertz, in his application for the Independent Redistricting Commission, indicated that he had paid all taxes when due and that he had no court judgments filed against him.
Records in Pima County show otherwise; there are at least four court cases in which judgments were filed against Stertz, as well as two federal tax liens.

The tax lien records are here, also courtesy the Arizona Republic.

From Stertz' application for the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission (AIRC) -

10.   Have you paid all state, federal, and local taxes when due?  Yes (X)  No ( )  If your answer is "No," explain by attachment.

At the end of the application form, he swore an oath that "the statements contained in this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge."

Oh, and that oath was notarized. 

So it seems possible, even likely, that Russell "it's the law!" Pearce has knowingly appointed a perjurer to the AIRC.

Apparently, Pearce expects that only dark-skinned people have to respect the law.

Welcome to Arizona politics.

0 responses to “Redistricting Update: Pearce names Richard Stertz to Redistricting Commission

  1. Stertz’s failure to disclose (lied) on his application was a fraud upon the selection panel. Had he disclosed this required information, the panel likely would not have selected him. Such fraud should never be rewarded or tolerated. The selection panel and/or another entity should sue to disqualify Stertz for his commission of fraud upon the selection panel. Stertz’s false oath is just gravy.