Remember when Sen. McCain supported closing the private seller gun show loophole?


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

We can never be certain which iteration of Sen. John McCain will appear on any given day, but the sycophant McMedia's favorite "maverick" from back in 2000 supported closing the private seller gun show loophole. Maybe with some regressive memory therapy, that John McCain could reappear again. Greg Sargent writes, Flashback: John McCain’s pro-gun control past:

One of the key GOP Senators that Dems are quietly trying to win the support of on expanded background checks is John McCain.

* * *

McCain previously supported closing the private seller loophole — so much so that he actually cut ads in support of the idea, claiming: “With rights come responsibilities.”

The ad shows that this is a position that even conservative
Republicans should theoretically have no ideological difficulties

In the October 2000 ad, McCain — a reliable ally of the NRA and
decorated war veteran who had gained national prominence with his failed
insurgent presidential candidacy that year — suggested closing the
private seller loophole would significantly reduce gun violence.

“Convicted felons have been able to buy and sell thousands of guns at
gun shows because of a loophole in the law,” McCain says in the spots,
which were done for a gun control group. “Many were later used in

McCain calls for “requiring criminal background checks by unlicensed
dealers at gun shows,” adding: “I believe law abiding citizens have the
right to own guns. But with rights come responsibilities.” Here’s the
spot, which was unearthed  by a Democrat:

In the ads, McCain is pushing for two state ballot initiatives — one in Colorado, and one in Oregon — that would require background checks on private sales. But McCain saw the state initiatives as a response to a problem on the federal level, i.e., the private seller loophole that existed at the time and still exists today.

Indeed, in an interview at the time,
McCain explicitly linked his efforts on behalf of these state
initiatives to the need to close the loophole in federal law, and vowed
to push for closure of the loophole in Congress the next year.

In that interview, McCain also said that his views on guns had
changed in response to violence at the time, including the shooting at
Columbine High School:

“I do believe my view has evolved,” he said. “It’s
appropriate to do so in light of some of the terrible tragedies that
have befallen our nation.”

In theory, at least, this should make it harder for McCain to oppose
the proposal to close the loophole in the wake of the horrific Newtown

Well yeah, "in theory," but you never can tell which iteration of John McCain is going to appear on any given day.