Reminder: Candlelight vigil and singalong for Newtown, CT Today


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

"It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."

The Arizona Daily Star's cartoonist and columnist, David Fitzsimmons, has been posting this on Facebook, and published in the Star:

Instead of
quarreling, light a candle. On this Friday, one week from the day of the
massacre, in loving remembrance of the children of Newtown, and in
memory of all of the beautiful lights among us that have been
extinguished by gun violence this year and in years past, in an
expression of national outrage at our nation's inability to engage in
meaningful, constructive action, let us do something small and simple.

an expressions of grief over what has become of us, in a clear
expression of our solidarity with those who favor sane and reasonable
gun laws and with those who favor full support for mental health care,
we will darken our holiday lights for one hour at sunset.

In that quiet darkness, we will light a candle, pray for the dead, and pray our nation's leaders will see the light.

Please join us. 'Silent Night' singalong in Winterhaven Newtown memorial:

At dusk – 5:24 p.m. according to organizers – community members and
vocalists with several Tucson choruses will gather in the center of
Winterhaven, at Christmas Avenue and Kleindale Road. Candles won't be
provided but participants can bring them, organizers said.

The singalong sprung out of a blog posting Sunday by Arizona Daily Star cartoonist David Fitzsimmons.


Stuffed animals and candles are left in memory of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims at a vigil in in Newtown, Conn. – N.Y. Daily News.

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  1. Grieving Americans mourn the deaths of 20 children and 6 adults in the Newtown tragedy, as well we should. Yet these same grieving Americans show an incredible level of hypocrisy by lamenting these senseless deaths, while our government continues to wage drone wars, mass killings, torture and terror campaigns in foreign lands. By reliable reports, more than 200 innocent children have been killed by American drone strikes in Pakistan alone. These 200 innocent children are mourned by mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends and other relatives every bit as much as those killed in Newtown. And the worst part is, these children were not killed by a deranged murderer – they were killed by the deliberate and calculated campaign by the American people through their government. Kind of makes everyone one of us a hypocrite, doesn’t it?