Rep. Bill Konopnicki: “I’m Sick of Russell Pearce” aka “Cut Man”

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It's rare that I ever reference something from the wingnut blog Sonoran Alliance but they had a whiny post by Chewie Shofir that is worth a mention. The wingnuts are upset that all around nice guy Rep. Bill Konopnicki "was very unprofessional" and "used extremely rude language" towards Sen. Russell Pearce aka "Cut Man," one of the biggest assholes I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. Chewie on that Shofir.

From the Legislative Report –

Konopnicki said one reason for the meetings is “because the hard-right Republicans are not helping us” solve the deficit…They want to do one thing: They want to go in with a meat cleaver and chop everything,” he said. Konopnicki also expreased frustration at the power Pearce wields over the process. “Quite frankly, I’m sick of one person — Russell Pearce — saying what we’re going to do on the budget. I think people are mad enough that they will let those [conservatives] sit and rot in hell before they cut a deal with them.”

(emphasis added, and [conservative] added by Legislative Reports)

Bill, we feel your pain here at Blog for Arizona.

Apparently the GOP Taliban which requires a pledge for "no taxes" to be considered a "real" Republican defines anyone who demonstrates fiscal responsibility, intelligence and common sense as a RINO. I have been around long enough to have worked with "real" Republicans and no, the GOP Taliban is a marginal right-wing fringe far afield of what it means to be a "real" Republican. Most "real" Republicans have already abandoned the party and are now registered independent or no party preference.

Speaking of RINOs — The Gila Courier blog recently published this post RINOs Redux?

Add a couple more names to the list of former RINO state legislators who are thinking of making a comeback.  Former State Reps Deb Gullett, Pete Hershberger and Marian McClure are all making noises about returning.

They spend so much time dissing these former legislators for being RINOs that they forgot to mention to which office exactly they are supposedly making noises about returning. These facts were kinda important to the story, dontcha think?

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  1. That’s another reason why Senate Republican leadership (including Pearce) is sitting on the budget for so long. They are deathly afraid that if they put it out there too early there will be time for a RINO-Donkey coalition to form like the one that passed Janet Napolitano’s budget in the face of conservatives back in 2004 or 2005 (I forget which year it was, but I remember it happening– the conservatives just assumed that they could pass their budget on the back of solid Republican support and when the RINO’s saw what was actually in that budget they exercised their option to play cards with the Democrats.)