‘Crazy’ Carl Seel wants to return to the dark days of Russell Pearce


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Back in the dark days when disgraced and recalled former Senate President Russell Pearce was at the zenith of his anti-immigrant reign of terror, he and his good buddy Kris Kobach from the Immigration Law Reform Institute and Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) were proposing bills to deny undocumented immigrants access to health care, public education, rental properties, public services. etc. Many of these anti-immigrant measures were first beta-tested by Kris Kobach in the City of Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

SealRussell Pearce, who is now the First Vice Chair of the Arizona Republican Party, still has his loyal acolytes willing to carry out his anti-immigrant hysteria in the Arizona legislature.

"Crazy" Carl Seel — you remember him, one of the sponsors of the "Birther" bills in 2011 and 2012 Arizona's Penis-Free "Birther" Bill Is Back in Action — has filed HB 2192 (.pdf), a bill that would declare it "an unlawful use of public resources if the person uses any public resource while present in this state in violation of any [law] that has determined that the person is not lawfully present in this state…"

Rep. Seel is the only sponsor of this bill, and his bill has not yet been assigned to a committee. Arizona's business community has made it abundently clear in recent years that it does not want to revisit the dark days of Russell Pearce's reign of terror. So will the business community punish Seel for his sin?

News 12 recently reported on Rep. Seel's bill. Bill targets illegal migrants, public resources (video link).

Additionally, the City of Hazleton, Pennsylvania recently petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court for review of its anti-immigrant ordinance prohibiting "the knowing harboring of illegal aliens in a rental house." City of Hazleton v. Lozano 13-531. Kris Kobach, who is now unbeliebably the Secretary of State of Kansas, is counsel of record for the City of Hazleton. Apparently Kansas allows its Secretary of State to moonlight for the Immigration Law Reform Institute.

Which leads me to believe that Rep. Seel may be carrying water for Kris Kobach — and/or Russell Pearce — on this bill. This guy has got to go.

UPDATE: Huffington Post has a good report. Arizona Republican Wants To Criminalize Undocumented Kids In School.