Rep. Debbie Lesko Doesn’t Do Math – But She Does Do Demagoguery

Everyone knows that Republicans can’t do math, or economics, or science (“We don’t need no education.“)

So banning math textbooks because they allegedly contain Critical Race Theory (CRT) – just what in the hell is Gov. Ron “DeathSantis” even talking about? – is not a good idea. Republicans are in desperate need of remedial basic math education.

Huffington Post reports, GOP Lawmaker’s Basic Numbers Gaffe Reignites Mockery Of Math Book Bans:

Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-Ariz.) raised eyebrows on Tuesday when she tweeted a dramatic exaggeration of the immigration situation on the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Border Patrol agents have apprehended more than 1,000,000,000 migrants at our southern border in just 6 months,” she wrote on Twitter. “President Biden’s open border policies are fueling this crisis!”

Read that again carefully, class. January 6 insurrectionist Debbie Lesko says one billion migrants were apprehended at our southern border in just 6 months. I’m sure that in her her mind she even said it just like Dr. Evil.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection statistics, between October and March, just over one million migrants were apprehended or expelled at the southern border.

You know, like one thousand times less than one billion.

Lesko’s post stayed up more than five hours before it was deleted.

Lesko’s erroneous tweet appeared in the wake of news that the state of Florida, led by GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis, has banned dozens of proposed math textbooks because they supposedly reference critical race theory and other “prohibited topics.”

Commentators concluded that banning math materials might not be the best idea:

For her part, Dumbed-Down Debbie certainly has got the GQP’s anti-immigrant hysteria “white fright” demagoguery down pat. It is all that these white Christian Nationalists in the modern-day anti-immigrant Know Nothing Party do know. Their blind hatred defines them.

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5 thoughts on “Rep. Debbie Lesko Doesn’t Do Math – But She Does Do Demagoguery”

  1. Dumbie Lesko is just one of many fake conservatives advertising Biden’s success on the border.

    Her lack of math skills aside, she’s telling her followers that Biden has apprehended a million people.

    Not let a million people in.

    Which is the opposite of an “open border” policy.

    Not that I expect any MAGA galaxy brains to figure it out.

    It’s no surprise that Duh-bee has been caught submitting legislation from ALEC and putting her name on other people’s work, using multiple fake names, a criminal past, and a history of blaming other people for her crimes.

    She’s dumb and a crook is what I’m saying.

    • “Not let a million people in.

      Which is the opposite of an “open border” policy.”

      Leave it up to Repugs to update Orwell to the 21st Century: Success is Failure!

      • Wileybud, you’re giving MAGAs too much credit.

        In Nineteen Eight-Four, Big Brother knew what they were doing, the attacks on logic and thinking were intentional.

        Some “conservatives” know what they’re gaslighting people, but Lesko, aka Debbie Harris, Debra Ignas, Debra Schultz, Debra Howard and Debra Kay Lorenz is too dumb to know the literal meaning of her Tweet.

        She can’t do math and she has a business degree from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.


        • I doubt if Lesko came up with 1 billion or even 1 million on her own. Probably spoon-fed to her by her senior MAGA handlers the way most, if not all, Repug talking points are promulgated (yes, it’s a word I’ve been dying to use) to the rank (in more ways than one) and file.

  2. Let’s hope January 6 insurrectionist Empty Greene’s constituents are successful in bouncing her off the ballot. Then perhaps the same fate may be in store for Lesko? And Biggs? And Gosar? And Finchem?

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