Rep. Devin Nunes Admits Behind Closed Doors that the GOP Majority is Running Interference for Trump


By Michael Bryan

Rachel Maddow broke a recording of Devin Nunes at a private fundraiser making the case that the GOP has to keep the majority to protect the President from a full and fair investigation. This is the transcript of what he said:

Basically, Nunes is saying that the House Majority (and the Senate Majority) is protecting the President from the full force of Congressional investigative power. I suspect that by “all this goes away,” Nunes knows that President Trump is such a slimebag that he would dry up and blow away if exposed to the full force of an opposition party with subpoena power. There are also other implications of the full comments heard on the tape.

It’s both an honest and a stunningly cynical assessment of the stakes of the mid-term election. We would do well to keep this in mind as we work to turn out our voters this November.


  1. Trump admits everything in his Tweets and exhibits extreme “conscienceness of guilt” daily. Sometimes hourly.

    Trump Jr admits everything in his emails.

    Putin admits everything on a national stage in Helsinki.

    Half the senior campaign staff are on trial, pending trial, or in jail, and are cooperating witnesses.

    Trump acts like a man who is kompromized by Putin, half the GOP admits this.

    Everyone’s story changes… never met a Russian, okay met a few, okay, we talked about adoption, well, actually we wanted dirt on HRC.

    Nunes is guilt of obstruction of justice every bit as much as Trump and his family.

    Tick tock.

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