Posted by Michael Bryan

TinfoilhatLooks like the black helicopter crowd has joined forces with the vaccination conspiracy theorists. Eddie Farnsworth is backing a bill to restrict Arizona's colleges and universities from requiring vaccinations.

Perhaps this is really a problem that is keeping Arizonans from getting post-secondary education, but I sincerely doubt it.

Farnsworth claims "the change is needed because parents of some students from kindergarten through high school decide against having their children vaccinated." This seems merely to be pandering to those irresponsible and wackadoodle parents who still believe, against all evidence and in the face of a major scientific malpractice scandal discrediting the original study linking vaccinations and autism, that children are harmed by vaccination.

Amazing to think that this urban myth delusion has been around long enough that those (surviving) children denied vaccinations may now be approaching college age. It's a testimony to the staying power of irrational beliefs.

Poor form, Farnsworth. And poor public policy in service to an irrational fringe constituency.