Rep. Jack Brown: The Arizona Legislature is wasting $10,000 per day

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

From the Arizona Republic Political Insider: Senate inaction proving costly:

Rep. Jack Brown, D-St. Johns, made a rare floor speech Tuesday to mark the 100th day of the legislative session.

Brown, the longest-serving lawmaker, noted that the Legislature is setting several records – as in a record number of bills not being acted upon. The Senate continues to forbid any hearings until a budget bill is written, passed and on the governor's desk.

That means that bills debated and voted on by the House are stacking up, waiting for action across the courtyard at the Senate.

"We're missing out every day," he said.

Brown also pulled out his calculator and made some quick computations on how much money all this inaction is costing taxpayers. His conclusion: about $10,000 a day, counting salary and the per-diem that lawmakers receive.

"I don't know if we're worth that or not," Brown said.

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  1. They could have had the budget on the Governor’s desk at least a month ago (remember they now have a Governor who will likely sign what they send her.)

    What this is about, is the Senate leadership being a bunch of greedy S.O.B.s’ who are in it for personal enrichment and willing to stretch it out so they can line their own bank accounts at taxpayer expense.

    In a normal year that kind of open corruption on the part of the Senate leadership would be unconscionable. In a year like this when other people are losing their jobs as a direct result of the increased per diem they are paying themselves they become a bunch of evil bastards.

  2. IOKIYAR (It’s OK if you’re a Republican) is our state motto now.

  3. So long as nobody can pin it down on somebody, the legislature is apparently worth it. Until you can make it into an Arizona Republic headline I imagine the budget deliberations will continue indefinately.

    But can a newspaper motive people to care about $30,000? (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday)? I don’t see it yet. Even if it could take another three months, that is only $900,000 (plus or minus) and I don’t see the public is going to take notice until and unless the newspapers and tv stations can point out actual government workers being given unpaid leave (and even then the voting and taxpaying public just might not notice if they skip watching TV that day).