Rep. Martha McSally, who typically avoids commenting on controversial issues, responded to President Trump’s recission of DACA with a lie.

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The lie: “Congress was robbed of the opportunity to do so when President Obama issued his June 2012 meorandum.” That is pure unadulterated bullshit.

Since McSally has unfortunately been in Congress, the “Gang of Eight” Immigration Reform bill passed the Senate on a super-majority vote of 68-32 in 2013. Senate passes immigration bill.

The “Gang of Eight” bill died in the House, where Rep. McSally supported alternative bills by racist xenophobe Rep. Steve King (R-IA). Martha McSally is a ‘Deportation Republican’.

The GOP turned over its immigration policy to racist xenophobe Rep. Steve King in the new Congress in 2015, a policy which included the repealof DACA. The GOP reaffirms it is ‘the party of maximum deportations’. Rep. McSally supported Rep. King’s bill.

Rep. McSally voted with her “Mass Deportation” GOP colleagues to defund the DACA program in January 2015. House Deportation Tea-Publicans vote to defund DACA Program.

Rep. McSally is counting on our feckless local media and the low information voters who voted for her to suffer from short-term memory and to not remember how she has voted on this immigration issue in the past. She has consistently voted against DACA.  She is not “willing and ready to find a solution.” She has voted for deportation.

There has been some truly terrible reporting in recent days about DACA. Too many in the media have acted as mere stenographers, simply repeating what Confederate Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III and ten GOP state attorneys general claim to be an unconstituional executive order.

Reporters are failing their “fair and balanced” mantra when they fail to report that these ten GOP state attorneys general (now nine after Tennessee’s Republican AG drops DACA opposition) are more than offset by 20 Attorneys General Write To Trump, Urging Him To Keep DACA:

California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra and 19 of his colleagues are asking President Trump to keep the program running.

In a letter to the president, Becerra and the other attorneys general are urging Trump to refuse a request from Texas and nine other states that wrote to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, asking the Trump administration to rescind DACA, which was established by President Obama in a June 15, 2012, memorandum.

Confederate Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III refusal to defend the DACA executive order is because he is a racist who has long opposed DACA, not because the executive order is unconstitutional.

Back in 2014 when President Obama expanded his 2012 DACA executive order I explained President Obama has the legal authority for prosecutorial discretion in immigration matters, so get over it people!:

I have previously posted this piece by Greg Sargent of the Washington Post, Lawyers agree: Obama has broad authority to act on deportations:

With Obama administration officials debating how aggressively to use unilateral action to shield people from deportations, more than 100 immigration law professors have signed a letter to the President(.pdf) arguing that he has expansive legal authority to act to temporarily protect additional groups from removal — and that this authority is rooted in statute, court opinion, regulations, and precedent.

The letter (.pdf), which was shared with this blog before its release, is designed to make the case to media and opinion-makers that Obama has maximum legal room to maneuver — which could shape how much political space the administration thinks it has on this difficult and explosive decision.

The letter — which was distributed by the American Immigration Council and the National Immigration Law Center — was signed by over 130 professors, attorneys and experts, some from the major Ivy League law schools, and others from border and red states that are relevant to the politics of this decision.

The short version of the letter’s argument is as follows. The administration has the authority to exercise “prosecutorial discretion” when deciding how to apply limited resources to the act of enforcing immigration laws. This discretion is grounded in the Constitution and has been recognized in statute and regulations for decades. Numerous administrations have used prosecutorial discretion to protect both individuals and groups from removal — and have historically justified these actions with humanitarian reasons.

The argument continues as follows. There are multiple forms of prosecutorial discretion, of which “deferred action” is one. Deferred action, too, has existed as a category for many years — and predates DACA. Therefore, DACA  and/or its expansion confer an already existing designation and create no new form of immigration status. While deferred action does confer the ability to work, it did so before DACA. Deferred action — before, and under DACA and/or its expansion — merely provides a temporary reprieve from deportation, without providing any route to permanent residency or formal legal status. What’s more, before DACA, previous administrations [Reagan and Bush], and the Obama administration, granted deferred action not just to individuals, but to large classes as well.

In other words, the letter seeks to rebut the leading legal and political arguments against both DACA and its expansion — the suggestion that granting deferred action status to groups crosses a line into rewriting or non-enforcement of the law; and the notion that it confers a quasi-amnesty status.

Recently, more than 100 of these immigration law professors signed a letter available here (.pdf) to President Trump arguing that DACA is legal because the president has the power to decide whom to deport, given that the government does not have the resources to target all undocumented immigrants.

“The legality of the program is crystal clear,” said Shoba Wadhia, a law professor at Penn State who helped write the letter.

But you never see this in media reporting, do you? All you ever see is “Republican politician says …” The public is not being informed by allowing GOP politicians to frame the debate with lies. The media needs to do its damn job.