Rep. Raul Grijalva’s Tucson Office Evacuated After Receiving Suspicious Package

By Jenn


The Arizona Capital Times is reporting that Grijalva's Tucson office received a suspicious package this afternoon, prompting evacuation.

Authorities say the Tucson office of Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva was evacuated Thursday after an envelope containing a white powder was discovered in the mail.

A spokesman for Grijalva says the congressman was not at the office when a staffer discovered the envelope, which had swastikas either written or stamped on the front.

About a dozen people in the office were evacuated by Tucson police, who say the FBI is investigating the substance and who may have sent it. Calls to the FBI officials were not immediately returned.

Grijalva is seeking a fifth term representing the district which includes western portions of Tucson and Pima County, much of Santa Cruz County and the entire far southwestern corner of the state.

Grijalva appeared on Olbermann this evening to comment on the incident. He confirmed that the package was a letter with swastikas on the packaging, and that the letter contains a white powdery substance that were confirmed to be toxic in danger. Grijalva also confirmed that the letter is part of a pattern of hatemail the office has been receiving since the Congressman took a stand against SB 1070 and the anti-immigrant hysteria that has swept this state.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in this incident, and the FBI is now investigating.

But, this is a truly disgusting example of domestic terrorism perpetrated by people who are failing to win the argument, so they resort to violent, anonymous intimidation tactics.

One response to “Rep. Raul Grijalva’s Tucson Office Evacuated After Receiving Suspicious Package

  1. I’m sickened by comments on other news sites in regards to this story. The level of hate and just total ignorance, takes my breath away.That people would practically cheer the fact that a toxic substance was mailed to an elected representative of this state, or ANY state…in any political party, is replusive. The people that say these awful things about a man who has worked so hard for the people of AZ, to preserve the enviornment, to stand up for what’s right and just under the Constitution, even if it is unpopular,are ignorant beyond belief.They wouldn’t know a decent individual if one was standing in front of them. The story written for KPHO…people “laughed out loud” that this happened. On the ABC15 website, they say he’s got what’s coming to him…and mumble some slanderous words about drug cartels.This state wants to harken back to the days of the wild west…and it’s terrifying.God help us all.