Republicans are playing defense on Fundraising in Arizona.


Republicans are playing defense in the money game in Arizona.

Arizona Democrats are doing very well in fundraising this election cycle with the latest reports showing that the State Party has outraised their Republican counterparts.

Why is this occurring?

One of the reasons is Republican State Party Chair Kelli Ward has not been the warm and fuzzy face of the party that middle of the road conservative donors are comfortable with.

Another reason is that strong candidates like Democratic Senate Candidate Captain Mark Kelly and the three Democratic candidates in Congressional District Six (Anita Malik, Stephanie Rimmer, and Dr. Hiral Tipirneni) offer more compelling visions and messages than their reactionary opponents on the Republican side (Senator Martha McSally and Representative David Schweikert).

At the end of the last fundraising quarter, Captain Kelly had nine and a half million in the bank compared to just over five and a half million for Senator McSally.

In Congressional District Six, Dr. Hiral Tipirneni has consistently outpaced the ethically embattled Representative Schweikert with the Republican incumbent spending more than what he has brought in during the last quarter.

Commenting on the Democrats current fundraising advantage to the Arizona Mirror, Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Matt Grodsky said:

“We only anticipate that going up once we actually transition into an election. We’re happy with what we’re seeing.”

These fundraising numbers bode well for Democrats going into the 2020 elections as Arizona will be a battleground state at the Presidential, congressional, and local levels.

While the money definitely helps, nothing captivates the people more than a positive inclusive message that unites and shows a direction forward. Recent history in Arizona (Anita Malik beating Heather Ross for the nomination in 2018 in Congressional District Six) shows that a strong positive forward-looking inclusive message can minimize the impact of high fundraising totals.

Democrats need to remember to stay on message and show how their vision is better than their reactionary opponents.

That is the pathway to victory in 2020.



  1. Chemtrail Kelli Ward doesn’t believe the government is dosing the American people with mind controlling drugs from the sky, probably because the chemtrail drugs are working on her.

    I know lots of Republicans, and they’re not all AZGOP level loons, they’re concerned with how far into crazytown the GOP has travelled and don’t want to give them any more support.


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